Doncic asks the Dallas Mavericks to give everything for the Raptors star

Doncic asks the Dallas Mavericks to give everything for the Raptors star

The Slovenian keeps asking for new signings in order to really compete for the ring and one of the league’s biggest stars is expected to be available on the market

Toronto Raptors is one of those teams that is in limbo between opting for reconstruction or looking for desperate moves to continue competing, but without really knowing if they have enough to fight for the ring. In this last situation is dallas mavericksthat even having a super star like Doncic In their ranks they need more level players along with the Slovenian.

Already in the past they tried to make their pair with Porzingis work, but this union ended up failing. That is why they now want an interior player along with the Slovenian who is having his best season since he was in the NBA. A player who already knows what it is to win a ring and who could help Doncic to fight for the championship in dallas mavericks.

Siakam and Anunoby like each other in Dallas

The Raptors star Doncic wants in the Dallas Mavericks

This player is none other than Pascal Siakam, who is performing at his best level since he came to the league. The Cameroonian power forward is averaging over 26 points per game, with over 8 rebounds and over 6 assists. Numbers that should place him among the MVP candidates if it weren’t for the fact that the Canadian franchise is currently in eleventh position.

Due to this, one of the possibilities that is on the table is that the Toronto Raptors opt for reconstruction. In this way, they would look to trade players like Siakam, VanVleet and OG Anunoby. Players who enjoy a large market and who are of interest to large teams. Especially the Dallas Mavericks, who would be very interested in their acquisitions.

The transfer that would take Siakam to the Dallas Mavericks

In the case of the Cameroonian, dallas mavericks he would be forced to move players like Bertans and Tim Hardaway Jr. to match salaries, as well as send nearly every first-round pick they control to Toronto. However, Siakam isn’t the only one who could lead the Texas franchise from the Raptors. And it is that OG Anunoby is a perfect profile to play with Doncic.

The English forward is also averaging the best numbers of his career and also has a very juicy salary of 17 million per season. All the ring candidate teams are looking for a player of their conditions, but the Toronto Raptors demand a large number of picks in return. Be that as it may, both are two players that we could soon see alongside Doncic in the Dallas Mavericks, which would immediately make them ring candidates.


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