Donald Trump will run again in 2024, according to his former spokesman

Towards a new duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2024. According to one of his relatives, the former president of the United States intends to represent himself in the next elections.

In a recent interview with Washington ExaminerSean Spicer, who was the White House spokesman for the first six months of Donald Trump’s term in 2017, assured that the Republican was “willing to do it.”

According to Spicer, the few messes of Joe Biden and his administration in recent months, especially in immigration matters, have reinforced the former president in his desire to represent himself. A wish also consolidated by the millions of dollars raised by Trump since the end of his term.

For the moment, Donald Trump willingly maintains the vagueness of his future. If you have repeatedly implied that you wanted to represent yourself, you have not made any announcements so far. This does not prevent you from chaining the meetings. Its objective? Continue weighing on the political debate and imposing itself as the sole representative of the Republican Party.

He intends to get involved in the 2022 midterm elections, during which he plans to be a “kingmaker,” explains Sean Spicer, who led GOP communication for six years before following the billionaire into the White House. .

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