Donald Trump returns to Washington, albeit as a defendant

The temperature this Thursday in Washington was the best it has been all week. After a searing heatwave, clouds finally covered the sun and a breeze blew that cooled the summer. What was still hot were the ghosts. And this Thursday also brought the return of donald trump to the city from which he ruled the United States for four years (2016-2020), but this time as a criminal suspect.

His arrival was awaited amid heavy police action, as if public forces were preparing for a disaster. The Marshals Service increased protection for judges handling the case, and metal bicycle barriers with yellow tape were installed near the courthouse entrance warning of restricted access to control pedestrian traffic.

Nearly 100 journalists and spectators queued up overnight and yesterday morning hoping to get a seat in the courtroom. As the hours went by, supporters and critics of the former president bet outside with signs for and against Trump. The votes are divided between those who They want the lead candidate for the Republican nomination to be jailed for the 2024 presidential election and among those calling it that a martyr to a system conspiring to imprison him and prevent him from returning to the White House.

AMP.- USA.- Trump travels to Washington to appear in court for attempting to rig the 2020 election
AMP.- USA.- Trump travels to Washington to appear in court for attempting to rig the 2020 electionEUROPAPRESS

His appointment as judge awaited him in the room. Trump arrived in Bedminster from his private golf clubNew Jersey, to Washington DC to appear before the judge Moxila Upadhyaya, against whom he faces four counts: witness tampering, conspiracy to defraud the United States government, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to violate civil liberties. All of these allegations are related to the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

In an ironic, almost poetic stroke of life, E. Barrett Prettyman’s courthouse, where the arraignment takes place, lies exactly a few yards from the Capitol, where his supporters, turned into a violent mob, invaded after the police breakthrough attempted barriers and forced congressmen to flee to safety. This crowd, made up of people who believed Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was rigged by widespread voter fraud, temporarily prevented Congress from confirming the president’s victory. Joe Biden about Trump. As the chaos unfolded, Trump and his accomplices “exploited the disruption” by pressuring lawmakers to delay certification, the prosecution-led indictment alleges. JackSmith.

All of the above arguments will need to be refuted by Trump’s defense in a trial over the next few months that is expected to be new and likely to dominate campaign rhetoric for the next presidential election. For the tycoon, his visit to Washington this Thursday aims to expose the “instrumentalization of justice” by his political rivals. He also said that upon arrival in the capital, he would “face criminal charges stemming from his efforts to reverse his defeat in the 2020 presidential election,” as he said hours earlier via his personal social network Truth.

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I am now going to Washington to be arrested for disputing a corrupt, rigged and stolen vote. “It’s a great honor because I’m being arrested for you,” he wrote on Truth Social.

Trump, who, according to all polls, is more than half ahead of his party’s other dozen candidates in voting intentions, has already pleaded not guilty in two other criminal cases. He was last indicted in June on federal charges stemming from the withholding of classified documents after he left office in 2021.

Biden is silent

His most likely rival in 2024, the President of the United States, Joe BidenHe did not follow the appearance of his predecessor. Biden was asked by reporters this Thursday while he was biking in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he is vacationing this week and has one of his private residences. “Will Trump be indicted?” a CNN reporter told him, to which the president replied with a curt “no” as he sped past on his bike.

Because the matter is personal, Biden has avoided commenting on the charges against Trump, who was indicted by a four-person grand jury on Tuesday.

Paradoxically located on Constitution Avenue, the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in Washington is no stranger to cases like the one he received yesterday. In this intimidating building, the cases of at least a thousand Trump supporters involved in the attack on the Capitol were being tried and had to appear for hearings. Day after day, the courthouse was the place where judges, defendants, attorneys, witnesses, juries, and court officials had to revisit the meaning of the attack on Congress and its motives.

“Right outside this courthouse … there are visible reminders of the January 6 riot and the attack on the Capitol,” the former courthouse chief had said. Beryl Howellin a verdict against one of the rioters in 2021. “This site is a reminder that what happened was not a peaceful protest, but hundreds of people who came to Washington to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power,” wrote he then.

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