Donald Trump news leads to a sharp surge in crypto collectibles

On Wednesday night, former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump decided not to appear at the Republican debate. Instead, he sat down with Tucker Carlson, a former Conservative news anchor. Not entirely politically correct, of course. But Trump’s NFT collection received a lot of positive attention. The value of the collection has increased significantly!

The Trump NFT crypto collection

Trump’s NFT collection consists of images of the former president himself. For example, there are images that depict Trump as a superhero or as a cowboy, among other things. After the launch of the collection in 2021, interest was high. But the crypto bear market and the even more extreme NFT bear market have not left Trump’s collection untouched either.

But the interest has not entirely disappeared. In response to Carlson’s interview, the collection’s lowest value rose 25 percent on NFT trading platform Opensea. The trading volume also increased by 256 percent. The lowest of the collection is currently 0.1369 Ethereum (ETH), around $225. Notably, it’s actually just two wallets that have aggressively inflated the value of Trump NFTs.

“Mugshot” of Donald Trump

At the NFT collection, every attention is a good attention. Trump was impeached again. This time it’s about the aftermath of the 2020 election. After losing the state of Georgia in the election, he and 18 others are said to have committed criminal acts.

A “mug shot” of Trump was released yesterday. He posted the photo himself on X, formerly Twitter. Any publicity seems to do Trump good. Despite the charges, his position in the polls is rising.

Earlier this month, it also became clear that Donald owns a nice treasure trove of cryptocurrencies, despite his negative statements about cryptocurrencies in the past. He owns nearly $3 million worth of Ethereum, according to financial records. He earned all of this with royalties from his NFT collection.

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