Dominicans rule

Dominicanos mandan

In the baseball business, MLB has a body called Pipeline, which keeps an eye on projected international prospects for signings. The first 50 qualified were signed with high bonuses and the MLB portal in Spanish offers it in great detail: 33 Dominicans, 11 Venezuelans, etc.

1. Ethan Salas, C, Ven.: Parents+ ($5,600,000). 2. Felnin Celestén, SS, RD: Mariners ($4,700,000). 3. Joendry Vargas, SS, RD: Dodgers+ ($2,077,500) . 4. Alfredo Duno, C, Ven.: Reds+. 5. Luis Morales, RHP, Cuba: Athletics ($3,000,000). 6. Derniche Valdez, SS, RD: Cubs ($2,700,000) 7. Enmanuel Bonilla, OF, RD: Blue Jays+ ($4,100,000) 8. Sebastian Wolcott, SS, Bahamas: Rangers. 9. Brandon Mayea, OF, Cuba: Yankees ($4,400,000) 10. Jun-Seok Shim, RHP, South Korea: Pirates. 11. Ariel Castro, OF, Cuba: Twins ($2,500,000) 12. Brailer Guerrero, OF, RD: Rays ($3,700,000) 13. Jesus Caba, SS, RD: Phillies ($3,000,000) 14. Ludwig Espinoza, SS, Ven .: Cubs ($1,500,000) 15. Rayner Arias, OF, RD: Giants ($2,800,000) 16. Janero Miller, OF, Bahamas: Marlins 17. Camilo Diaz, OF, RD: Astros+ ($2,250,000) 18. Gian Zapata, OF, RD: D-backs (est. $1,500,000) 19. Angel Cepeda, SS, RD: Cubs ($1,000,000) 20. Luis Almeyda, SS, RD: Orioles+ ($2,300,000) 21. Emil Valencia, OF, RD: Astros+ ($1,100,000) 22. Yophery Rodríguez, OF, Ven.: Brewers ($1,500,000) 23. Arnaldo Lantigua, OF, RD: Dodgers+ ($697,500) 24. Robert Calaz, OF, RD: Rockies ($2,500,000) 25. Yoeilin Cespedes, SS, RD: Red Sox (est. $1,400,000) 26. Raymond Mola, OF, RD: Pirates. 27. Dairson Gutierrez, C, RD: Mets 28. Welbyn Francisca, SS, RD: Guardians. 29. Anthony Baptist, OF, RD: Mets 30. Tony Ruiz, OF, RD 31. Carlos Silva, C, Ven.: Twins 32. Enrique Jimenez, C, Ven.: Tigres+ ($1,250,000) 33. Filippo Di Turro, SS, Ven.: Brewers ($1,300,000) 34. Luis Guanipa, OF, Ven.: Braves 35. Kevin Ereu, SS, Ven.: Brewers ($1,400,000) 36. Reiner López, RHP, Ven.: Cardinals+ ($500,000 ) 37. Yerlin Luis, OF, RD: Guardians+ 38. Hendry Chivilli, SS, RD: Twins 39. Manuel Cabrera, SS, RD: Nationals+ ($500,000) 40. Darling Fernández, OF, RD: Athletics (est. $1,000,000 ) 41. Luis Reyes, RHP, RD: White Sox ($700,000) 42. Jeter Martínez, RHP, Mex.: Mariners ($600,000) 43. Cristopher Lárez, SS, Ven.: Mets ($1,500,000) 44. Maikol Orozco , SS, Ven.: Tigres ($900,000) 45. Andy Acevedo, OF, RD: Nationals+ ($1,200,000) 46. Edwin Solano, SS, RD: Nationals+ ($1,200,000) 47. Jeremy Rodríguez, SS, RD: D- backs (est. $1,000,000) 48. Cristian Pérez, OF, RD: Tigres+ ($1,100,000) 49. Marwys Jorge, RHP, RD: Reales ($450,000) 5 0. Felix Morrobel, SS, RD: Angels ($900,000) .
THE GRAND FINAL: At 7:30 tonight he goes to the fourth game of the final at Tetelo Vargas in San Pedro de Macorís. In my column yesterday I forgot to comment that the Lidom teams have not respected the start time of their games for a long time. The games start at any time and that is disrespectful to the television station that broadcasts, to the fans and to the whole world. It is customary, in professional sports, for pre-game ceremonies to take place before the time of action and, if necessary, to be recorded for TV and then commented on and broadcast during the game.

THE OFFENSIVE: Ronny Mauricio leads the group of batters in the final that is very low. He is 12-0 and the blues await the awakening of their MVP man of the regular series. That’s normal in baseball. From Licey, Sergio Alcántara is 1-11 and his only hit was the double that he fired to drive in the only run on Sunday. Catcher Jesus Sucre of 9-1. On the positive side, Cuban Dairon Blanco 9-6 for .667 and Colombian Jorge Alfaro 12-5.

Of the Stars, Robinson Canó and Jeimer Candelario from 12-3 and the team needs them to wake up… Short Junior Lake is also from 11-2, Lewin Diaz from 10-2 the same as center fielder Cristian Paché… The latter is giving lectures of excellent fielding

FROM MLB: Pablo, the newly signed son of Vladimir Guerrero, would have received just over 100,000 dollars. He plays the outfield and third base position and signed with Texas. Marcos Castillo, is the son of former catcher Alberto Castillo, signed by the Mets and plays the same position… And Gary Sánchez, where is he? In free agency, waiting for a signature.


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