Dominicans face inflation in Germany

Dominicans, like the rest of the world, are feeling the weight of inflation in their pockets, with high prices for basic foods. In Germany there are more than 6,000 Dominicansmany of whom have already achieved dual nationality, and work in various jobs.

Ana Marina Reví Matos is one of them.. She is about 30 years old in Germany. She now lives in Am Hegelsberg, Griesheim. She works as a traveling nurse. She takes medicine to the elderly, injects insulin to diabetics, among other health services.

Ana Marina tells that has lived in several states, including Munichand Berlin, while she was married to a German, who has never faced life like now.

The meats, vegetables and fruits have risen in prices and for her alone of 100 euros that he used to spend each week to buy these products now he spends from 150 to 175 eurosbut as a Dominican, she does not juice her diet, but she is forced to vacation less.

The population has been asked to save energy, to dedicate less time to personal bathing and to turn on the stove less, something that Dominicans like her do not fully accept, because the shower is not part of the game either, she says.

The money gives her a little because she has moved in with her sister, Mrs. Schön. Mrs. Schön Ivelisse, also a resident of Am Hegelsberg, Griesheim, Germany, experiences the same pressure.

Ivelisse Schön is 30 years old and left the Dominican Republic. He has also lived in several cities, but there he raised a family, managed to study and set up his own business, a home office, and buy a car. As she is married to a large house, there she has an apartment where a sister-in-law lives, in another she is her husband and her only son, and in another she operates her business. She studied the German language, nursing and also foot medicine (which is now Podiatry).

According to the Dominican, she has three jobs, caring for the feet of diabetic patients, ingrown toenails, and fungus; nursing and a nursing home, and that allows her to vacation, but even so her expenses have increased on everything, she says. Her working life takes place between five in the morning and six in the evening and she does not lack work. There everyone knows her.

His working life takes place between five in the morning and six in the evening and he does not lack work. There everyone knows her.

Every week, with her newly single life, Mrs. Schon spent 75 euros on raw food, now he spends twice as much and more. In Europe you work on the basis of hourly wages that start from 10.50 euros.

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It has been announced that they will raise the labor payment to 12 euros for people to face inflation. The State also, like other countries, had a monetary aid of 300 euros during the pandemic. Nursing staff were given a grant of 400 to 500 euros, he said.

“You can’t save. Before Covid-19, it was possible to save ”, he says, adding that all this makes vacations more limited and that those who do not have money and live “day to day ”feel the weight of famine.

One measure that he has adopted is to continue the habit of saving energy, although the time he lasts at home is very short.

Laws that are harsh and difficulties arise when there are differences in services. Schon said that at this moment he is facing a case of an electricity bill with a billing error, which has come for 2,000 euros and is already almost double. As long as he doesn’t solve the problem, he says, there is no peace.

She has been doing her foot care work for 22 years in the town of Am Hegelsberg, Griesheim. There everyone knows her and distinguishes her. She assures that her first decision was to study, so she suggests sticking to the training that guarantees income to live with some comfort.

Today, he has a car, a business, and an apartment, and his only son, Sebastián, is about to graduate from technical medicine, a career that teaches how to make equipment that is used in hospitals to carry out studies, such as cardiograms, and also works in a company of implants and equipment used in dentistry.

In the town, she affirms, they know her, they love her and she has many patients to attend to, without having to pay for advertising.

The world population has suffered the impact of inflation, especially in basic foods, which although the drought has moderated poses a challenge, and in the case of Germany, it is felt more by the implications of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Meats and vegetables, which are basic foods, have risen a lot, as has energy.

Today, the Dominican Schön has a car, a business and an apartment, and her only son, Sebastián, is about to graduate in technical medicine, a study that he complements with his job in a hospital equipment company.

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