Tropical fruits processed in the Dominican Republic with high pressure technology (HPP) are having success in the United States.

The Dominican company Jugos Caribé has introduced in the United States a mixture of juices based on chinola, sour orange and guava, known as "POG". In just six weeks, the company has sold more than 225,000 bottles of “POG” in a US chain.

Consumers of the new product have shown their satisfaction through social networks, asking when more flavors will be available.

"Getting to this point has been a long journey for this small company. In order to sell its products within this commercial chain, Jugos Caribé had to complete a demanding application process, compete with brands in the United States, prepare a product launch plan, and send many samples for review."said Anna Batlle, co-founder of Jugos Caribé.

He pointed out that the product is a mixture of cold-pressed juice made with cane juice, water, guava, chinola, sour orange and cherry juice, which provides 300% of the daily needs of vitamin C. It is aimed at a consumer who appreciates the taste of natural ingredients.




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