Dominican tourism grew more than 20% in May

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, reported this Tuesday that 621,575 people visited the Dominican Republic last month by air, rising to 3,379,392 the number of arrivals in the first five months of the year, a figure never seen in the history of Dominican tourism.

In his already customary monthly press conference to publicize the behavior of the tourism industry statistics, Minister Collado said that last month the country received the arrival, only by air, of 621,575 tourists, 11 percent more than 2022 and 18% above 2019. He also reported that in May the country received 136,374 cruise passengers, thus exceeding the 57,385 that arrived in 2022 and the 55,694 in 2019.

“If we add the 621,575 tourists who arrived by air and 136,374 cruise passengers, we will have 757,949 people visiting us in the month of May, something never seen in the history of Dominican tourism,” said the Minister of Tourism. The official stated that in his management the growth of tourism has been sustained, and that in the first five months of this year the figure of 3,379,392 arrivals was reached, only by air. Likewise, he revealed that, in the same period, January-May, the country received 1,124,039 cruise passengers, “something never seen before.”

“This means that the Dominican Republic received 4,503,431 visitors in just five months, something truly extraordinary, something never seen in the history of Dominican tourism. We did it again,” said Collado. The Minister of Tourism estimates that by the end of the year the Dominican Republic will receive 7.9 million tourists by air alone, the highest number of visitors in history.


The largest tourist-sending countries in May were the United States with 51.6%, Canada with 11.4%, Colombia with 4.2%, Argentina with 4.1 and Puerto Rico 3.5%. The airports that received the highest arrival of visitors, last month, were Punta Cana with 59.4%, Las Américas with 25.6, Cibao with 11.4, Puerto Plata with 2% and Catey and La Romana with 0.5%.

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