Home Entertainment Dominican Pedro Cervera presents credentials in salsa

Dominican Pedro Cervera presents credentials in salsa

El dominicano Pedro Cervera presenta credenciales en la salsa

Pedro Cervera, born in the bowels of Villas Agrícolas in the Dominican capital, is a new salsa singer who promotes the theme "Surrender".

Cervera emigrated with his parents to New York City in search of opportunities, but as time went by he was attracted to music.

Influenced by his father, Marcos Olivero, he discovers that music is more than a passion, which leads him to make his way into the art world showing his attitudes and talent for salsa.

In the tropical genre he presented credentials with the promotional cut "Surrender", which is an adaptation made in the salsa genre by the music producer Moisés Sánchez Ortiz, winner of Latin Grammy and Soberano Awards 2021.

The musical colors of this arrangement for Pedro Cervera place it within the new relays of salsa, say its promoters.


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