Dominican is crowned champion of the Boxing Independence Cup

The elite A men’s national team of the Dominican Republic was crowned champion of the XL Banreservas International Boxing Independences Cup, dedicated to the Dominican Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, which culminated this Monday on the roof of the Pueblo Nuevo club.

The Dominicans accumulated a total of 41 points, with 16 medals, including 9 gold, one silver and 6 bronze, leaving Puerto Rico A in second, with 19 points and 12 medals, including 2 gold, 7 silver. and 3 bronze, while the third place went to the selected Santiago A, with 18 goals, 9 medals in total, with 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.

In the same order they followed the Dominican B team, with 17 points, reached 8 medals, with 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze; Ecuador, 10 goals, 9 medals, including 2 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze; Santiago B, 3 points, 2 medals, one gold and one silver; Puerto Rico B, 3 units, the same number of medals, with one silver and 2 bronze, while Panama did not add points, but achieved 3 bronze medals.

The team cups were delivered by Mr. Juan Vila, vice minister of sports development of the North Region, immortal of the sport; Ariel Acosta, president of the Santiago Boxing Association and Anthony Marte, marketing director of the event, who were accompanied by Arsenio Rivas and Vicente Díaz, directors of the aforementioned entity, at the end, Mr. Vila gave the speech of fired.

individual winners

The winners of the final night and who got a gold medal and the losers who finished with a silver medal were:

In the 46-48 kilograms, gold went to John Ortiz (Santiago A) and silver went to Víctor Cruz (RD A); 51kg, gold Mario Lavegal (RD A); silver, Billy Arias (Ecuador); bronze, Emmanuel Javier (RD B) and Malik Quiñones (PR A); 54kg, gold, Jean Carlo Pérez (RD B); silver, Josué Tirado Pagán (PR A); bronze, Rodrigo Marte (RD A) and Jeuri Ramos (Santiago A).

In the 57 kg division, gold, Peter Fernando de Jesús (RD B); silver, Keith Colón Rodríguez (PR A); bronze, Eliezer Rodríguez (RD B) and Cristopher Quezada (Santiago A); 63.5kg, gold, Victor Peguero (Santiago A); silver, Riner de Jesús Reyes (RD B); bronze, Elvis del Castillo (RD A) and Christopher Ortiz (PR B); 80kg, gold, Cristian Pinales (RD A); silver, Julicer García (Santiago A); bronze, Starling Guzman (RD B); 86kg, gold, Daniel Guzmán (RD A); silver, Carlos Mina and bronze, Secan Lloyd (PR A); 92kg, gold, Higor Mejía (Santiago A) and silver, Starling Guzmán (Santiago B); over 92kg, gold, Junior Pérez Félix (Santiago B) and silver, Jean Manuel Sánchez (Santiago A).

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In the female branch, 54kg, gold, Stephany Almánzar (RD); silver, Ángelyris López (PR) and bronze, Helen Sánchez (Ecuador); 57kg, gold, Jéssica Muñoz (RD) and silver, Motta Lozada (PR); 80kg, gold, Mariana García (RD) and silver, Naydelin Huacón (Ecuador).

MYou have been awarded:48kilograms (kg), women, gold, Daniela Tenorio (Ecuador) and silver, Belissa López (Puerto Rico; men’s 60kg, gold, Kelvin Guerrero (RD A); silver, Bryan Rodríguez (Santiago A); bronze, Manuel Febus (PR ) and Moisés Rodríguez (Panama).

67kgmen, gold, Bryan Pérez (PR); silver, William Ortiz (PR B); Bryan Ortiz (RD A) and Emmanuel Burgos (RD B); Women’s 60kg, gold, Kiria Tapia (PR); silver, Yamileth Salas (Ecuador) and bronze, Sobeyda Pérez (RD); Men’s 71kg, Gold, Noel Pacheco (RD A); silver, Virgilio de los Santos (RD A); bronze, Edgar Ramos (Panama) and José Rodríguez (Ecuador).

70kgwomen, gold, María Moronta (RD); silver, Stephanie Piñeiro (PR); bronze, Daniela Porozo (Ecuador) and Yaleisy Ortiz (PR); 75kg men, gold, Euris Cedeño (Santiago A); silver, Sergio Moquete (DR B); bronze, Aldin Salazar (Panama) and Miguel Ángel (RD A) and women’s 63kg, gold, Samantha Valencia (Ecuador) and silver, Tatiana Ortiz (PR).

DDuring the billboard, two pairs of merengue dancers were presented, José and Yisaida Espinal, as well as two others who danced to the rhythm of the son, Nino Son and Bethania, along with Máximo Sánchez and La Kiki Rodríguez, from the unanimous group, directed by Professor Joshua Gomez.

LThe medals were delivered by the general director of the event, Rosa Santos, Provincial Governor of Santiago; Mr. Pedro Genaro Pérez, representative of Banreservas; Juan Vila, Ariel Acosta, Anthony Marte, Arsenio Rivas, Vicente Díaz, Emanuel García Musa, Timoteo Pérez, Rafael Vilorio, Armando Hernández, Dr. Alex Recio, José Marte, Ana Pérez, Carmen Franquiz and Colonel PN Marcelino Liberato.

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