Home Entertainment Dominican film “Hotel Coppelia” is acquired by Sony Pictures Latin America

Dominican film “Hotel Coppelia” is acquired by Sony Pictures Latin America

Película dominicana “Hotel Coppelia” es adquirida por Sony Pictures Latinoamérica

The Dominican film “Hote Coppelia”, by director José María Cabral, was acquired by Sony Pictures for distribution in Latin America.

“It would be impossible to think of a better home to have ‘Hotel Coppelia’ in Latin America,” Latido Films CEO Antonio Saura told Variety about the deal with Sony Pictures.

Its director José María Cabral added: “With the acquisition of the film by Sony Pictures, now more people will be able to learn about the story of ‘Hotel Coppelia’ around the world. It is an opportunity to bring Caribbean and Dominican stories closer to the eyes of viewers from different places. We are very excited”.

Since its premiere, the film has received good reviews from experts, and will continue to be screened on the HBO Max platform in the US and also in some regions of Europe.

The film is based on the true stories of five women who, during the 1965 Dominican Civil War, made acts of personal sacrifice to protect their beliefs and rights.

The cast is made up of Nashla Bogaert, Lumy Lizardo, Ruth Emeteri, Jazz Vilá, Cyndie Lundi, among others.

It premiered at the Havana festival and at the Miami Film Festival.

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