Dominican Embassy in Kingston launches Network of Dominican Professionals in Jamaica

The ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica, Angie Martínez, formally established the “Network of Dominican Professionals in Jamaica”("The net"), a new associative entity that defines itself as an initiative to identify, link and support Dominican professionals and entrepreneurs in Jamaica.

The Dominican ambassador in Kingston indicated that "the Network seeks to identify, link and support professional Dominicans in Jamaica, organizing them and strengthening the influential diaspora, with the aim of achieving a greater connection of the productive sectors of the Dominican Republic with Jamaica.

Likewise, the diplomat from Carrera affirmed that this Network complies “with the guidelines of the Dominican Foreign Policy, while supporting the objectives of the National Development Strategy, which institutes as a line of action to strengthen the mechanisms so that the emigrated population can have active economic, social, political and cultural links with the Dominican Nation”.

The launch took place in an activity that took place at the Official Residence in Kingston, which was attended by more than thirty Dominican professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs, who became founding members of the Network and spoke with Ambassador Martínez about the mission of the new organization, its objectives, needs, expectations and the work path in the short, medium and long term.

At the launch of the Network, Ambassador Martínez took advantage of the occasion to recognize the value of the Dominican diaspora in Jamaica, whom she described as a valuable critical mass of professionals who have much to contribute to the Dominican Republic. In a very special way, Ambassador Angie Martínez recognized and thanked the valuable support of the Dominican Luz del Alba Tejada, senior executive of the multinational Pepsi in Jamaica, "Luz, regardless of day and time, was always willing to work hand in hand with us at the Embassy so that this network is a reality today and we can present it to our fellow citizens and to the world. Mrs. Luz Tejada was recognized at the last independence party as Dominican pride in Jamaica and has been a key player in the launch of this network.".

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Among the founding members, it is worth mentioning the CEO of Hyundai Magna Motors Jamaica, Erick Gutiérrez; the CEO of GB Energy Texaco, Bela Szabo; the Head of Business Transformation at Pepsi Jamaica, Luz del Alba Tejada; the Financial Controller of Newport Fersan – Jamaica, Esther Rosario; the Country Director of the Therrestra Jamaica Group, Pedro Pablo Calderon; the After Sales Director of Hyundai Magna Motors Jamaica, José Melo; ICGA Jamaica Limited Group Director, Carlos Manzur; the Communications Officer of the Association of Dominicans in Jamaica (ASODOJAM), Ysis Cruz; the Agricultural Manager of Jamagro Tech Farm, Fabio Vinson; Silvarpole Ltd Project Director, Ing. Randy Jorge; the optometrist, Arnold Batista; the Dominican Military, Pilot Captain José Leonardo Rosario and Pilot Captain, Leidy Tapia Díaz, FARD, among others.

At the end of the activity, the ambassador Angie Martínez offered a dinner to the participants, who tasted delicious appetizers, a sancocho and Dominican desserts.

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