Dominican basketball with a tight schedule

The tight schedule of international competitions prevents Dominican basketball from having the same tournament system every year. And 2023 will not be the meaning.

“With so many tournaments abroad and commitments of all kinds, it is impossible for us to have a stable calendar each year, which would be ideal,” said the president of the Dominican Basketball Federation, Rafael Uribe.

Last year, the National Basketball League was organized first, in the summer, and then it was passed to the superior basketball tournament of the National District that was played between the months of September and October.

May and September
However, this time the LNB is planned for the month of May with an interruption for the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador. It would end before the World Cup in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, which the country is close to accessing.

The TBS District would be scheduled to be organized, once again, in the month of September.

“Before we had an event, but now we have to participate in four windows, in Centrobásquet, Pan Americans. In Puerto Rico, for example, there is only one four-month league. Here we have the LNB and also the superiors who are part of the idiosyncrasy of the towns”, said Uribe.

He understands that the ideal would be for each contest to have its fixed date each year, but due to the reality of international commitments it is impossible to establish an internal competition calendar in this way.

This year, in addition to the conclusion of the qualifying windows for the World Cup (February in Panama and Buenos Aires, Argentina), those corresponding to the Americup will open (November).

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There will also be the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador, the Pan American Games in Chile (only for women), the U-16 World Cup in both branches, as well as the U-17 Centrobasket, as well as World Cup commitments in the growing specialty of 3X3.


At the local level, in addition to the National League and the superior of the National District, there will be the traditional provincial tournaments that cover the entire year.

In the institutional order, the electoral processes will be held both in America and worldwide for the four-year term of 2023-2027.


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