Dominican achieves second victory in World Cup qualifying

The senior national team of the Dominican Republic obtained its second victory in Group C of the Concacaf Women’s Qualifying by beating its similar team from the Cayman Islands four goals to zero, a match held at the Truman Bodden Stadium in the city of Georgetown this Saturday.

The Quisqueyans are at the top of the zone with a perfect score and an undefeated goal. Alyssa Oviedo scored again and is among the scorers in the tie.

The contest will resume in April when the SedofĂștbol women get to Bermuda and then visit Jamaica in what could be a final for the pass to the final round of this premundial awarded tickets to the World Cup Australia – New Zealand 2023 and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The national cast took over possession of the ball and began to display his game from the start of the meeting, action was in response to the opponent, placing many players in the final stretch of the court to hinder connections attack for tricolor.

However, at minute 21′ Alyssa Oviedo made a great move without the ball, marking a diagonal from outside to inside to receive a good pass from Vanessa Kara inside the area, but when she was about to finish off she was shot down by Tamoy Phillips, generating the penalty maximum for the quisqueyanas and the expulsion with a direct red card for the local defender.

Manuela Lareo would be in charge of executing the penalty effectively, completely deceiving the goalkeeper and opening the scoreboard for the Dominican national eleventh a minute later.

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Oviedo defined in a wonderful way in the 40th minute after a great play that began in the middle of the field with a deep pass to the right so that Kara skilfully removed a mark from her and served the ball at ground level to the heart of the area and in this way the second goal will arrive for SedofĂștbol. In addition, it was the fourth entry for Alyssa, who remains among the leading scorers in the competition.

At 66 ‘the third goal came for those led by the Spanish Benito Rubido, in the boots of forward Winifer Santa, who made it with great grace after an excellent clearance by Winibian Peralta. While at 74’ the defender Giovanna Dionicio took advantage of a tangle inside the small area to push a loose ball and place the four-nil that would ultimately be final.

The Group C classification is led by the Dominican Republic with six points, followed by Jamaica with three, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Grenada close without adding. Jamaicans and Grenadines will complete the second day this Sunday, February 20.

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