Domingo Germán dedicates a perfect game to his deceased uncle

The Dominican pitcher Sunday Germanwho became the first Dominican to throw a perfect game in Major League Baseball (MLB), dedicated his feat to a relative who died two days ago.

The Yankees starter, quite emotionally, told the local media that the death of his “uncle” served as the engine to perfectly launch the nine innings of the game played last night against the Oakland Athletics.

“The death of a person who died two days ago motivated me, who was like an uncle to me, a father to me and that death really shocked me, yesterday I cried a lot in the clubhouse and I had it in mind and thank God It was given and I dedicate it to him, may God have him in glory,” said the pitcher.

emotional game

Likewise, Germán said that his esteemed “uncle” would have been very happy with his achievement.

“He was very happy, since he was a person who was always there with me, he was always giving me good advice and he had to see him like this. he is seeing it from there, that is, from heaven,” Germán stressed.

among the greats

The native of San Pedro de Macorís, upon reaching glory entered a select list of players who have managed to complete a perfect game, which includes great stars such as Randy Johnson, Félix Hernández, Sandy Koufax and Cy Young.

The uncle

As for the person to whom the game was dedicated, the pitcher did not give many details and so far It is not known how he died.

final score

As for the party, the “Mules of the Bronx” they beat up the Oakland team, by whitewashing them with a final score of 11 – 0.

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