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Domestic workers will have health insurance with their contribution, from the employer and the State

Trabajadoras domésticas tendrán seguro médico con su aporte, del empleador y el Estado

The Government Plan to regulate housework contains Resolution Number 551-08 of the National Council of Social Security that creates the pilot plan to include them in the Dominican Social Security System, under the Contributory-Subsidized Regime, financed under a scheme of a fixed contribution, charged to the employer, to the worker and the state.

“An important vindication of this decision is the allocation of survivor pensions for the direct dependents of the domestic worker under the same conditions established by Law No. 87-01,” said the Minister of Labor, Miguel Decamps.

The Resolution establishes that “this plan aims to protect any person who performs domestic work, domestic work being understood as that carried out in a home, in kitchen work, cleaning, assistance and others, belonging to a home or place of residence or room, non-profit or business for employees or their relatives. This should preferably have an employment contract, duly registered with the Ministry of Labor.”

It says that workers who provide similar services in companies, NGOs, public institutions, international organizations or any other organization other than that of a household are included, who must be affiliated in the Contributory Regime.

Fixed monthly contribution, regardless of salary earned by the domestic worker, will be 859.43 pesos, to finance social security benefits. The amount will be contributed as follows: 571.50 for the employer, 28.50 for the worker and 259.43 for the State. The latter corresponds to the per capita of the Family Health Insurance of the current Subsidized Regime.

The government established that the minimum wage for domestic workers is ten thousand pesos, 8 hours is the time and 36 free a week. They will enjoy vacations and the Christmas salary payment will be before December 20.

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