TOKYO: Japan’s Immigration Services Agency has revised a manual for its staff to help staff properly deal with cases of detained domestic violence victims.

The move comes in the wake of the tragic death of Vishma Sandamali, a Sri Lankan woman, in March last year at an immigration center in Nagoya.

The agency’s final report on the woman’s death said that staff at the center, which had received information that Vishma was a victim of domestic violence, did not know about the manual.

According to the report, because he did not see in the manual how to treat such a person. The report also states that these points need to be corrected. Based on the report, the agency has partially reviewed the immigration center staff manual.

According to the document, a person who has been subjected to any form of violence by his or her ex-spouse after divorce has been declared a victim of domestic violence. It also details domestic violence such as physical, sexual or mental violence. ۔

The Immigration Agency plans to provide the revised manual to immigration centers across the country for better results.

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