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Dogfy Diet achieves a turnover of more than €11 M in its third year

Dogfy Diet achieves a turnover of more than €11 M in its third year

Dogfy Dietthe brand of cooked dog food based on a monthly subscription model, has achieved a turnover of more than 11 million euros in 2022 -its third year of activity-. The company has closed the current year by multiplying the turnover obtained in 2021 by almost four, when it had a turnover of 3 million euros, and already anticipates good results for 2023.

The startup, led by Gonzalo Noy and Sergi Fonthas ended the year 2022 with a staff of more than 220 workers located mainly in Spain and also in France and Italy, markets in which it began to operate this year. It currently has more than 30,000 customers, of which 80% are in Spain and 20% spread between France and Italy, although, thanks to rapid growth in both countries, the company expects that by 2023 40% of its customers They will come from international markets.

After having managed to triple its number of clients in 2022, next year 2023 it calculates to achieve a turnover of 27 million euros and increase its workforce to more than 300 workers. Among the company’s plans for the coming months is to extend its business model, based on the monthly subscription, to new European countries in order to become the leading company in cooked dog food throughout Europe, after having already achieved it in Spain and in Italy.

In the three years since the launch of Dogfy Diet we have experienced exponential growth that has allowed us to multiply the results year after year. In 2023 we will launch new products -menus, snacks and food supplements, among others- and our goal is increase our international presence in new marketslike Portugal, in addition to continuing to lead and climbing Spain, Italy and France“, Explain Gonzalo Noy, co-CEO of Dogfy Diet.

In 2022, the foodtech has fed around 30,000 dogs daily, which means producing 15 tons of food every day and forecasts, by the end of 2023, a daily production of 45 tons of food.

In the coming months, Dogfy Diet will inaugurate a new picking warehouse in Terrassa, fully automated, to separate the production and picking areas. In addition, it also plans to improve the automation of its central factory, also located in Terrassa (Barcelona) and with more than 3,000m2, which opened last spring. “Currently, these 3,000m2 are becoming too small for the growth we are experiencing and we expect to open the new production center between Q2 and Q3, which will have approximately 10,000m2. This will help us achieve the goal of billing more than 50 million between 2024 and 2025”, concludes No and.

We are proud to be achieving the goal of Dogfy Diet, to revolutionize the petfood sector throughout Europe. We want to get the canine food evolve from ultra-processed to natural cooked food for dogsa transition similar to the one that has taken place in homes, in people’s diets”, concludes Sergi Font, co-CEO of Dogfy Diet.

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