Dogecoin fans organize trip to visit famous Shiba Inu dog

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that once started as a joke and that foundation has never completely let go of the project. Once again, the Dogecoin community is making headlines by organizing a ‘pilgrimage’ to Kabosu, the Shiba Inu dog on which the original meme and the digital currency are based on.

The dogecoin pilgrimage

Those interested can sign up for the meme adventure to Sakura, Japan, at Own the Doge, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that organizes the trip. The plan is to spend more than three days at the birthplace of the now legendary Kabosu, to honor the origins of Dogecoin.

Of course we shouldn’t take all this very seriously, but the Dogecoin community always knows how to bring lightness, which is sometimes lacking in the hard financial world. “We see Dogecoin as the Mona Lisa of the internet,” said a pseudonymous developer working on Own the Doge.

Last August, Tridog, the pseudonymous Dogecoin developer, already traveled to Japan to meet the dog in person. According to Tridog, that was a “life-changing experience” and he now wants to give a select group of Dogecoiners the same feeling with the trip to Japan.

When does the pilgrimage start?

For now, the pilgrimage to Japan is scheduled from May 3 to 7. Among other things, the group will visit dog-themed temples and various statues in Tokyo, they will go karting through the streets of Tokyo and, of course, a trip to Sakura is on the program.

There the ‘lucky participants’ will meet Doge, the legendary dog ​​that once started this internet joke. For now, the idea is even to walk the dog together and visit the place where a bronze statue of the dog will be placed in the future.

Doge DAO has already raised $100,000 for that statue in the past. Not everyone will be equally enthusiastic about this kind of nonsense, but that is also part of the crypto industry.

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