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Does TikTok want to be the next Twitter? This news is talking!

The most popular social network of the moment, TikTok from the Beijing-based Chinese company ByteDance, is determined to become the next Twitter, or at least incorporate elements of this social network. In question is the latest addition to the social platform.

More specifically, we can also post text content on TikTok, simple posts written in a similar way to what was popularized by Twitter, now Elon Musk’s X. Would the Chinese social network have found a new golden formula?

Posts in text format have arrived on TikTok

Twitter Tik Tok

The truth is that TikTok has managed to change the social paradigm from its introduction to the present. On the other hand, this same function is also available on Instagram from the Meta group as a format available for 24-hour Stories.

It should be noted that these publications are not available on the feed main (official) of each user, disappearing after the specified period. In any case, this new format has now also reached TikTok, giving its users more possibilities.

The news is currently in distribution, gradually and gradually reaching users of the social network around the world.

As on Twitter and Instagram, now also on TikTok

This is the new format for text posts on the TikTok social network.

The news was released by TikTok himself through his Blog official. There, the company discloses the motivations for introducing this resource, mainly due to the reinforcement of creative capacities and possibilities of publication in its app.

In any case, the new functionality will be easy to use, namely:

  • It’s present alongside the other photo and video options for posting on TikTok. Here we can publish and customize the publication with text, include location, music and other options such as the possibility of commenting or asking for collaboration / duets.
  • We can also decorate our text post by adding stickers, stickers, emojis, hashtags and changing the background color.
  • We can also save the text post to our gallery and edit or delete it later.

Reinforcement of publication methods on social networks

In short, now that the social network of the blue bird, Elon Musk’s Twitter, has simply become application X, we now have a strong change in the entire ideology and identity of the brand. Meanwhile, rival platforms take the opportunity to strengthen their offer of services and capabilities.

The text thus reaches TikTok, a platform famous for posting short videos (about one minute).

Now you can share text posts on TikTok ✍️ Text posts open up exciting possibilities for creators to share their stories, poems, lyrics and more, giving you another way to express yourself and making it even easier to create! More information ⬇️

—TikTokComms (@TikTokComms) July 24, 2023

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