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Does the Nintendo Switch OLED screen burn out?

The creator of the pirated Nintendo Switch chip will have to pay $4.5 million to the brand

The Nintendo Switch OLED brought, among other small improvements, a larger 7-inch OLED screen.

There’s no doubt that the Switch’s OLED has a better display. It’s bigger, brighter, and has more saturated colors with deep blacks. Games look better on the OLED version, but something that worries people is the deterioration of the OLED screen.

As soon as a YouTuber decided to leave the screen on for a full 75 days to see if the screen has burned.

When an OLED screen displays the same image for a long period of time, it leaves an impression of that image. This ghost mark appears even when the screen is displaying another image, which is annoying.

The YouTuber in question took a screenshot of Zelda Breath of The Wild and left the screen on all the time. He used a turbo controller to constantly press the R button and keep the system from going to sleep.

After the experiment, he took another little-used OLED from the Switch and compared the two displays.

And what was the result?

Based on your observations, no significant burn could be detected. He noticed a slight shift in some of the whites and a slight hint of green in a blue section of the screen; however, it is extremely small.

There’s virtually no difference between the two screens, which is pretty impressive.

Anyone in the tech world won’t be surprised to learn that the Switch’s OLED panels were made by Samsung. The Korean giant is a world leader when it comes to OLED displays for mobile phones, providing displays for most smartphones.

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