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"Does Sergio Ramos want to come to Seville? I want a plane…"

And what about Sergio Ramos?

Sergio Ramos still can’t find a team to start a new football adventure. The Spanish defender hasn’t signed a renewal agreement psg and currently he is looking for a new club continue to compete at the highest level.

Some rumors point to a return to Sevilla FC. Sergei Ramos He was a youth player for the Sevilla team where he grew up in football until he became a great player Then sign with Real Madrid.

Returning to “homeland” is an idea that Ramos doesn’t see badly, however, Sevilla’s sporting directors assure that Camero’s high salary makes it difficult to manage his signing.

Now, on the eve of the European Supercup game between Sevilla and Manchester City, The president of the Sevillian club, Pepe Castro, has decided on a possible return of Ramos to the Sevillian team.

“The sporting director has said it, the vice-president has said it and I will say it: I have nothing against Sergio Ramos, who is an exceptional player, but it is true that he does not fit into what we have planned.” It was never an option, it was never an option at the club.”has pointed out Pepe Castro.

I hear that too Sergio Ramos would want to return to Sevilleadded the club boss ironically “I want you to give me a plane, give it to me so I can travel privately.”

In this way it seems so Pepe Castro definitely rules out a possible signing of Sergio Ramos that he must continue to search for a team to continue his professional career.

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