Does Donald Trump have anyone who loves him in New York?

Is Donald Trump alone in New York? A handful of followers came this Friday to give their support to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, where law enforcement is on alert for the possibility of riots.

With the vivid memory of the riots on January 6, 2021 when thousands of supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington, the New York police shielded the building of the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office and the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue, where journalists from half the world lurked. the slightest movement.

"Agents are on alert and the department is ready to respond at any time and will ensure that each person can exercise their rights peacefully"assures a statement sent to AFP in which he specifies that currently "no credible threats" In New York.

In total, three followers appeared on Friday afternoon before the offices of prosecutor Alvin Bragg, who charged the tycoon the day before, the first former president who will have to sit on the bench of justice.


Although the charges are sealed, Trump is accused in a case of payment of $ 130,000 to a porn actress in the final stretch of the 2016 elections to buy her silence about an alleged extramarital affair ten years earlier, which the magnate has always denied .

At Trump Tower, a dozen detractors gathered to demand the arrest of the Republican, who will appear before a judge on Thursday. Like any other defendant, they will take your fingerprints and the required photos for the mugshot.

"No one is above the law", remember their detractors. A message on the floor in chalk read: "Accountability".

"Lock him up and… throw away the key"said another banner, while another local acquaintance, Neil Greenfield, with a mask imitating the tycoon’s hairstyle and face, posed with a Trump supporter behind a banner supporting the 2024 elections.


For Susan -she did not want to give her last name-, a 60-year-old lawyer and voter for the billionaire, not so much because of her personality but because of her actions, Trump’s accusation has a "political motivation" since he considers that the crime charged against him is "minor".

and this "ashamed" because it equates American justice with other countries that have "politicized judicial systems"he told AFP.

Mary Fish, 50, asks to reduce the tension between defenders and detractors of the well-placed Republican magnate in the party’s primaries to aspire again to the White House in the 2024 elections.

"It really is about time we start looking for what we have in common and what will bring us the most peace for the world and for America."tells AFP in the vicinity of the Prosecutor’s Office directed by Alvin Bragg.

"Everyone is caught up in the little details" and it takes one "wide photo"he says before adding that he would like people to think more about a "united country, may our children be safe and our money too" than in political divisions. "It’s not about a person, it’s about values"he concludes.

"head down"

After hearing the news that broke like a bombshell in the US media the night before that a grand jury voted in favor of the impeachment of the former president (2017-2021), opening the way for prosecutor Bragg to formally indict him, three friends of San Sebastián (northern Spain) gathered to take a look at the atmosphere in front of the Prosecutor’s Office, before starting a guided tour of the Chinatown where it is located.

"It seems strange to us" see an imputed former president, says Pilar Baños, 72. "The fact that they put him in the car with his head down gives him prominence and votes because many people think it is unfair"predicts.

The tycoon denounces a "Witch hunt" and the instrumentalization of justice by the Democrats.

His campaign team announced that in 24 hours the candidate raised 4 million dollars after the indictment.


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