Home Entertainment Does Abhay Deol’s adventure with him continue? viral romantic photo

Does Abhay Deol’s adventure with him continue? viral romantic photo

Bollywood actor Abhay Deol is busy with many of his projects these days, but this time he has come into the spotlight for his delay. Recently, he has shared some romantic photos with artist Shilo Shiv Suleman on his social media account, so it is speculated that Abhay Deol is in love these days.

Images shared by Abhay Deol. In it, he is seen in a very romantic style with Shilo Shiva. It is seeing very good chemistry between the two. In these photos, henna is also seen on Shilo’s hand. Sharing these images on his Insta account, Abhay Deol wrote: ‘Fluid, free, flowing, creative, relaxing, fun, fearless, sensual, cool, inspiring, dynamic, talented, sexy. Oh Shilo Shiv Suleiman has all these things! “

Shilo has also commented on these photos of Abhay. He wrote that “Nothing is taboo at this table. There will be more adventures …” These photos of Abhay Deol are being liked a lot. Shiloh is the founder and director of an art collective called the Fearless Collective. Although Abhay Deol does not share her personal stuff on social media, this is the first time she has shared a photo with Shiloh. Previously, Abhay Deol has also been in a relationship with Preeti Desai. However, after dating for 4 years, they both parted ways.

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