Dodgers Cuban infielder Miguel Vargas is the player with the most walks negotiated

In times of immediacy where the here and now matters, Exercising patience has become an extreme sport in which few people want to immerse themselves.

Although the literary industry has hundreds of books published that offer models for keep calm and in Youtube you can consult tutorials, the truth is that this virtue is increasingly scarce in the world we inhabit.

However, in the life of any person, circumstances may occur that favor the cultivation of patience in a more accelerated way.

In the case of Cuban Dodgers prospect Miguel Vargas it was an injury.

At the end of February this year, as the fields for major league teams began to pick up the usual spring-training rhythm, he suffered a fractured right little finger.

To try to make the rehabilitation evolve as well as possible, the Southern California ninth kept him from swinging during multiple Spring Training games.

Miguel Vargas has so far negotiated 13 walks
Miguel Vargas has so far negotiated 13 walksEzra ShawAFP

The result?

Vargas drew nine negotiated walks and at some point in the preseason he had a .500 on-base percentage without ever swinging the bat.

The fact that he couldn’t swing at opposing pitches helped him observe the entire journey of the ball and recognize the type of pitches.

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With nearly two weeks into the season making the history books, Miguel Vargas is making a profit from his express patience course that he acquired during Spring Training by leading the department of walks received with 13, one more than Brandon Ninmo of the New York Mets.

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Until before the start of the day this Friday, the native baseball player from Havana, Cuba, he had a walk-to-strikeout ratio of 13-7.

In Wednesday night’s game against the San Francisco Giants, Vargas saw 30 home plate appearances in five batting appearances, the most of the day in the majors.

Who is Miguel Vargas?

The Cuban infielder signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers as an international free agent in September 2017. He spent his first professional season in 2018 with the Arizona League Dodgers, Ogden Raptors and Great Lakes Loons.

Vargas made his debut in the MLB last year after a campaign impressive with Triple-A Oklahoma City that saw him participate in the 2022 Futures Game at Dodger Stadium.

He has appeared in 11 Dodgers games this season, nine starts. He has a .200 batting percentage, but his on-base percentage is .475.

Vargas has occupied the second pad in most encounters but it has also served as a short stop.

Although he can occupy all the positions in the infield, the Cuban has played mainly as a second baseman.
Although he can occupy all the positions in the infield, the Cuban has played mainly as a second baseman.CHRIS CODUTOAFP

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