Doctors strike, thousands of operations postponed in the UK

London: Junior doctors across the UK have gone on strike due to non-acceptance of demands, which has severely affected the health system.

According to a foreign media report, junior doctors have initially announced a four-day strike, due to the doctors’ strike, about three and a half lakh operations and examinations have been cancelled.

Due to the strike of junior doctors, the work of senior doctors, surgeons and consultants has also been severely affected.

The British Medical Association had demanded a 35% increase in salaries, which was not implemented, so this action was taken.

It should be noted that the number of junior doctors in the UK is 40% of the total number of doctors due to which the provision of medical facilities has also been severely affected.

It should be remembered that the economic crisis in the UK continues, which has affected the health, education and transportation sectors.

A few months ago, the workers and drivers of the London Metro also announced a strike, as a result of which the metro service was stopped.

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