An explosive start in theaters for this second opus of the adventures of the wizard of the universe Marvel in the cinema, however, after viewing, this new film divides and does not achieve the unanimity so hoped for by fans of the mcu. If it has undeniable direct qualities, the film provides very few solid narrative elements and sometimes serves up lengths and platitudes that are quite surprising for this kind of production. A passage point by point makes it possible to better understand what squeaks and leaves the film at the crossroads of the grandiose and the passable, not to say mediocre. Warning spoilers ahead.

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Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

Doctor Strangealways embodied to perfection by Benedict Cumberbatchagain takes on the role of the grumpy uncle he held in No Way Home wanting to limit the breakage with a Peter Parker who chains the dumplings. Here the dumb teen sidekick on duty is America Chávez which is as insipid as it is cumbersome for our poor doctor who also has to act as a mentor. If the interpretation, which smacks of the approximate, of Xochitl Gomez There is a lot to do with it, the writing and the rather heartbreaking development of the character ended up putting it in the box of characters that we will have forgotten at the end of the session. A regrettable treatment when you know that this character has been able to make an important place in the universe Marvel comics. Yes Weird hadn’t had this ball to drag throughout the film, his development, both on the mystical and emotional point of view, could have been much denser.

The rare and short notable passages for stephen strange, are fortunately well brought and allow to add an important emotional dimension, even if it is only touched with in passing one of the most beautiful declarations of love of the MCU, especially with the liabilities of the character. When we know that Marvel/Disney is able to do a mini-series on Moon Knight which dwells almost entirely on the psyche and emotions of the main character at the expense of the superheroic action, they really could have done better than that for Weird.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Makes 450 million
Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

Wanda Maximoff sends the same feeling of rough development as Strange, interesting but harmed by the narrative facilities. As the great “villain” of the film, she is in constant emotion and ill-contained rage, felt since the loss of Pietro, his brother. Once again the intense and faultless interpretation ofElizabeth Olsen is amazingly sincere. Even the sometimes sudden identity changes are mastered and this shows the evolution and the undeniable strength of the game. from Olsen.

If the character also suffers from the weaknesses of the story, it is nonetheless the true engine of the film which allows you to switch to horror and pure emotion in the blink of an eye. The real interest of the film is wandadespite the fact that we are entitled to say that she had her mini-series to mourn. Vision is mentioned only once and that wanda seems at peace with his disappearance, his twins are responsible for his quest and his fury. A mother blinded by grief, which suddenly makes the “bad guy” not so bad. It is imperative to have seen Wanda vision before watching the movie.

Wanda Maximoff marvel
Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

If the two central characters of the story somehow manage to keep the viewer’s attention, it is the story itself that is at the heart of the problem. The visual efforts and the particular realization of Sam Raimi fail to breathe the long-awaited epic and ultra-spectacular dimension. The show is there but as hollow and useless as fireworks. The dispensable incursion of Illuminati doesn’t help and sounds like an insult to the characters that make up the team. Reduced to veritable punching bags, with killings as brutal as they are ridiculous, they at least have the merit of showing the power of scarlet witch. If the Professor Xavier carves the lion’s share with a remarkable entrance and a visually neat psychic sequence, these Illuminati are the opposite of their paper versions as they fall out of favor on the screen. “Somebody go help Mordo, he is still in the pit. »

Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

The musical part, led by Danny Elfman, although in agreement with the action ends up becoming dull by the lack of pause. The soundtrack sometimes becomes the auditory parasite that takes us out of the film. The musical combat which shines and surprises with its originality, its visual and sound mastery, drags on to end up undermining its effect.

There are a myriad of details that keep the movie from really working as a whole without sinking it into mediocre or ridiculous. A split narration for a simplistic story that in places loses the attention of the viewer who has come to seek something other than brainless action for popcorn eaters. On this point, this second part of the adventures of Weird does not arrive at the level of its predecessor, by giving pride of place to a perpetual movement which tries to camouflage its lack of substance.

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Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

Two post-generic scenes are there, the first, relatively important, allows to introduce Cleathe rebellious princess of the dark dimension played by Charlize Theron. There is no doubt that this lays the foundations for the next adventures of Weird who could possibly face Umarthe sister of Dormammu. Marvel and his family stories… The second scene, more anecdotal, allows us to give the final word to Bruce Campbellthe eternal accomplice of Sam Raimi and heroes of the saga evil Dead. Dispensable histrionics.

Doctor Strange 2 - Professor X © Marvel Studios
Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

A mixed report for this Strange will be able to convince a large audience by its visual qualities, the refreshing horrifying touch of the director and the impeccable interpretation of Cumberbatch and Olsen. There is no doubt that many spectators will remain unsatisfied with an aftertaste of betrayal vis-à-vis the direction taken by Disney / Marvel to favor hollow sensationalism. It becomes really difficult to hang on to this direction as it lacks meaning and substance.


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