Doctor Strange: Benedict Cumberbatch talks about a 3rd movie

Whether Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness is already a very big success on a planetary scale with $943 million in international revenue at present, Marvel could continue the adventures of Sorcerer Supreme on a third episode, especially as Benedict Cumberbatch already seems ready to re-stack. In this second film of Sam Raimiwhich saw for the first time the appearance of Illuminatithe film ends with Weird who gets a third eye because of his manipulation of the Darkhold. The first post-credits scene sees the arrival of Clea (Charlize Theron)sister of Dormammuwho comes to ask for help from Weird for a mysterious mission. Which clearly implies a third feature film with a view to building a trilogy.

In a recent interview with The New Indian Express, Benedict Cumberbatch was asked about the possibility of Doctor Strange 3. The actor made it clear that he was open to the idea:

” I hope. I would love to do another one. Doctor Strange is such a complex character and it feels like there’s so much more to explore with him. He’s such a brilliant character and I still have a crazy time playing him. »

Doctor Strange 2: Marvel Studios; Walt Disney Pictures Motion Studios

On the side of the continuities initiated by Doctor Strange 2, America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) should have his own solo project, whether in the cinema or on Disney+a show centered on real Illuminati could also emerge. Finally, it is suggested that Wanda Maximoff returns in a series entirely centered on her. Besides, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that Kathryn Hahn (Agatha Harkness) shouldn’t cross paths again anytime soon, although the two characters met in Wanda Vision. Given that Doctor Strange 2 ends with an inscription stating ” Doctor Strange will return “, it is likely that Cumberbatch resume his role at some point.

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In the meantime, the next MCU film, namely Thor: Love and Thunder, arrives in theaters on July 13.

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