/Warning, this article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness/

In the entire gallery of cameos advertised in Doctor Strange 2fans of mcu will have had the opportunity to discover the Illuminatia famous group of superheroes from the universe Marvel charged with governing the health of the multiverse. No less than twenty-five characters were expected to appear in the latest feature film by Sam Raimi who however remained quite nice about his guests.

Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

No Superior Iron Man interpreted by Tom Cruise, but other stars hoped for by the fans. It is Anson Mount (Black Bolt), Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel), Hayley Atwell (Captain Carter), Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier), Mordo (Chiwetel Eijofor) and Mr. Fantastic (John Krasinski) who came to sit in the armchairs of the Illuminati. Many found it unfortunate that the interpreter ofEthan Hunt in the saga Impossible mission is not present in the feature film, while the Superior Iron Manin the comics, is a founding member of the team.

Since all the heroes listed below are quickly annihilated by a wanda unleashed, it is very likely that the appearance of Illuminati in this film is only a small teaser to bring them back a little later in the mcu. Especially since the media Giant Freaking Robot has already reported that Tom Cruise will appear in a future project of the MCU (Armor Wars?).

Interviewed by the media RollingStonethe screenwriter of the film, Michael Waldronconfided that the star of the action movie was indeed hoped for the role:

“Yes, it was totally planned. I mean, there is no picture shot with Tom Cruise! But I love the actor, and at one point I said to Kevin Feige something like, “Can we have Tom Cruise as Iron Man?” “. I remember reading that in Ain’t It Cool News at the time, that Tom Cruise was going to be Iron Man. »

Superior Iron Man – Design © diamonddead (Instagram)

But the collaboration between Waldron, Sam Raimi and Tom Cruise was not finally made for a single reason: It is not the rejection of the comedian for Marvel but his schedule, as he remained mobilized to finish the next two Mission Impossible:

“Well… he was filming Mission: Impossible 7 and 8.”

When the journalist Brian Hiatt asked if anyone from the firm had actually contacted Tom Cruise, Waldron replied no, arguing that it was just not possible due to his availability. A wedding that could have been spectacular in a Doctor Strange 2but which could simply be postponed.


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