/Warning: Some spoilers ahead on the plot of Doctor Strange 2/

Yes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness gives pride of place in its history to Wanda Maximoff and stephen strangeanother character gets a lot of screen time: America Chávez. The young heroine from Marvel has the ability to travel the multiverse by opening star-shaped portals. However, his future at the end of the film is not necessarily more teased than that and therefore we are, for the moment, immersed in a complete unknown. It is notably her who, at the end of the film, manages to beat the Scarlet Witch bringing her to her senses.

Michael Waldronthe screenwriter of MoMhas already confided that America Chávez is a character “extremely important in the MCU” and “Marvel will continue to explore its history”. In his interview with Vanity Fairhe further claimed that the as-yet-unknown fate of America’s two mothers, who were sucked into a portal, could create a mystery that needs to be solved in the future.

“Yeah, that’s definitely me working with Marvel and with Sam. Really, it’s as much about trying to drive America’s story in this movie as it’s trying to set up a mystery to solve at the end of the movie.” ‘coming. He is someone without a family. That’s what she’s looking for. And that’s what she finds – amazingly – with our Doctor Strange and Wong. She finds a home in Kamar-Taj in the end. When all is said and done, it looks pretty well done. We have also implemented the next chapter of America Chavez. »

Marvel had already reported to Geeks Worldwide, in 2019, developing a project around America Chavez.


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