Doctor Strange 2: The musical fight scene comes 100% from the mind of Sam Raimi

The first reviews around Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness tend to confirm what the press projections announced. The public is at the rendezvous of this new opus made in Sam Raimi because $532 million in international revenue are already collected for marvel studios. On the critical side, it’s grimace soup. Yes Marvel is used to very very high scores on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Doctor Strange 2 only recorded this time 75% positive reviews. Many will remember the technical and horrifying paw of Sam Raimi well put forward while others will have been disappointed with the lack of cameos and the summary treatment of Illuminati.

But what may have marked the fans more solidly can certainly be the fight scene where two different versions of Doctor Strange (that of the MCU and Strange Supreme) compete using magical musical notes taken directly from sheet music. Many thought it was an idea of ​​the composer Danny Elfman but no, it’s good Sam Raimi who is at the origin of this idea testifies the words of the musician:

“Honestly, you’d think it was me, but it’s not. It’s either them or Sam. I don’t know exactly. I can’t tell you the origins, but it was Sam who called me and was like, ‘Yeah. it’s going to be the musical battle. […] Right before the final release, there was a time when I had different famous classical music flying against each other. And at the 11th hour, Kevin Feige stepped in. He said, “Danny and Sam, you guys. Let’s do it Bach against Beethoven. Simplify it”.

A Kevin Feige who appeared very upset against disneywho opted to spoil many of the film’s secret cameos to draw in theaters. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is still in theaters.

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