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Doctor Strange 2: Daniel Craig almost appeared in the film

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/Warning, Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers Ahead/

Despite a plethora of cameo announcements thanks to parallel universes, Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finally remained very kind in his exploitation of the Multiversewhere the only guests present on screen were the Illuminati. The most powerful superheroes in the universe Earth-838 in which had landed Chávez and Strange were composed of Captain Carter, Charles Xavier, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Mordo and Captain Marvelrespectively interpreted by Hayley Atwell, Patrick Stewart, John Krasinski, Anson Mount, Chiwetel Eijofor and Lashana Lynch. As four of these characters had already appeared in the film’s marketing, only Reed Richards and Black Bolt were real surprises (and again).

Among the other wishes of the fans, the latter wanted to see the Superior Iron Man by Tom Cruise, Deadpool, Wolverine, Ghost Rider or Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. But the actor James BondDaniel Craigalmost recovered one of the thrones of the Illuminatien lieu and in place of John Krasinskyin the costume of Balder The Brave, brother of Thor.

Doctor Strange 2 © Marvel Studios; disney

Deadline’s Justin Kroll has revealed in a recent tweet that Krasinsky wasn’t originally slated to appear in the film, but the original actor – who he teased as Daniel Craig using a GIF – dropped the project amid a rise in COVID cases in the UK. Rumors said that his fate was going to be the same as that of his colleagues Illuminati namely that wanda would have gone into his head so that he would commit suicide.

A choice that will not have angered the fans, however, since the appearance of John Krasinski, long hoped for in the role of Mr. Fantastic, will have been enough to make them happy.



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