Dr. Héctor Guerrero Heredia will be integrated with his "Recipe book" to the Alofoke 99.3 FM station, starting November 1.

"The Cookbook of doctor Guerrero Heredia" It will be broadcast from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 11:00 in the morning, carrying scientific information in an entertaining way for the interest of all types of public, it was reported in a statement sent.

The announcement was made by Santiago Matías, president of Alofoke Media Group, who welcomed the renowned doctor.

“At Alofoke FM, science has the same right as politics and entertainment, that is why we welcome Dr. Guerrero Heredia and his Cookbook,” said the businessman and influencer.

For his part, the psychiatrist confessed feeling happy to be part of the great family that Santiago Matías has been creating, in addition to ensuring that this will be a great platform to guide and educate thousands of young people from all over the country.

“We are going to make knowledge a media passion,” added the scientist.

Heredia Guerrero made himself known on the Z-101 station, from where he left in November 2020 on the Rumba 98.5 FM station.

+ The initial team

In addition to the psychiatrist Héctor Guerrero Heredia, "Doctor Guerrero Heredia’s recipe book" Through Rumba it is also made up of the oncologist surgeon José Ramírez, the podiatrist and senator Iván Silva, the neurosurgeon Amaury García and the gynecologist Mario Lama, on leave for his duties as director of the National Health Service.

Likewise, the cardiologist Lidia Soto, the gastroenterologist Sidney Espinosa and the psychologist Eladio Hernández, as well as the journalist Pedro Angel, specialized in health information and director of the portal www.resumendesalud.net.

It was not clear if all members of the radio space will go to the Alofoke FM station.

The program is broadcast from 10:30 in the morning to 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday, by Rumba 98.5FM station and for Cibao by 101.1FM.

The space analyzes the main diseases suffered by the population, in addition to the frequent questions about health that the population asks.

Those who accompany Guerrero Heredia are medical communicators positioned as opinion leaders in health and well-being and who make themselves available every day for calls from the public and health orientations.

Doctor Guerrero Heredia directs GH Neurociencias Héctor Guerrero Heredia, a mental health care center with specialized services for psychiatrists, psychiatrists-geriatricians, family, couple, substance and cognitive-behavioral therapists; pharmacologists, food specialists, crisis intervention and social workers.



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