Do you like wordle? You will love this alternative version of the game.

Wordle is one of the great phenomena of recent months. It is a game that first became popular in the United States, but it already has versions in several languages, including Portuguese. it was until Acquired by The New York Times in its original version.

In case you didn’t know, Wordle is a real word puzzle. The goal is for players to guess a five-letter daily word in six tries. The new clone goes a little further.

Worldle challenges you to guess the name of a country in six attempts

Playing a game between the words word and world, Worldle was born. In this one the goal is to guess a different country every day, but it can become a bit of a different challenge.

This is what Worldle looks like
This is what Worldle looks like

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In this one you also have six guesses to guess the country listed, whose format you can see. But you will know how close you are to guessing it, by the proximity in number of kilometers, using the cardinal points and in percentage of proximity.

Still, you need to have some knowledge of geography. Because otherwise, what can happen to you is to guess countries very close to the correct one, without actually guessing it.

An interesting detail is that at the end you have a link to Google Maps. There you can compare the existence of that country (if you don’t know it), and see its location on the map, and how close you were to hitting your guesses.

If you are curious and have never tried it, you can play daily original word. One of the most popular clones is his Portuguese version Term.

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