Do you have Disney+? Prepare for a future price increase

Disney+ is the entertainment giant’s streaming platform. Originally arrived in Portugal by €6.99 (monthly) or €69.99 (annual). But with the arrival on the scene of the Star catalogue, it began to cost €8.99 (monthly) or €89.99 (annual) in our country.

If you have Disney+, you can prepare for a new increase in the future. In a statement, the platform added that it would increase prices in the United States, starting in December. This is also the time when a new ad plan will be released.

Disney + will go from 8 to 11 dollars a month in the United States

Inflation will begin to be noticed from December 8 on Disney + in the United States. The monthly plan currently costs $8, but will now cost subscribers $11 per month.

The annual plan also has a strong upload, which is in line with the monthly plan. This is because it goes from $80 a year to $110.

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Disney+ advertising plan will launch in the US on December 8

These price increases come at a time when the Disney+ advertising plan will go into effect for $8 a month or $80 a year. Users who do not want to pay more will see ads.

These increases are valid for the United States, but it may be a matter of time before we have to face them in Portugal. And if the platform maintains the uploads, we can have an idea of ​​how much the service would cost in our country.

Increases in Portugal in the future?

Maintaining these figures, the monthly plan in our country could go from €8.99 to €11.99 per month. The annual plan would go from €89.99 to €119.99. For the price of the current base plan, users can upgrade to a plan with ads in the future.

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In the advertising plan, users are expected to have access to all the contents of the platform. The difference is that they will have to rely on ads in the middle.

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