Do you have a PS5? Get Apple TV+ free for half a year

PS5 owners are eligible for a very special gift from Sony and Apple in the form of a free subscription to Apple TV+.

With an Apple TV+ subscription, you can stream some of the best original TV and movie content on the internet. Hit shows like Ted Lasso (which just finished its final season), The Morning Show, Servant, Unfiltered Therapy and many more are included with Apple TV+.

The promotion is for a limited time, so you will have to redeem the promotional subscription before it ends. You will also end up paying for the service if you decide to keep it. The good news is that you won’t have to make up your mind right away. Subscription will be free for six months. Yes, half a year. So you will have to pay 6.99 euros per month if you want to continue with it.

Still, six months is plenty of time to consume content. The last caveat is that you need to be a new member. It is not the first time that Sony and Apple have offered this promotion to gamers. And if you ordered it the first time, you won’t be able to order it again as you’ll have to be a new Apple TV+ subscriber.

If you don’t already have a PS5, It is also available for PS4 users. However, the free trial lasts only three months instead of six. Therefore, you won’t have as much time to test the service before paying.

On both PS4 and PS5, you have until July 31st to redeem the offer. And to set it all up, all you have to do is download the Apple TV+ app on either console, launch it, and sign in with your Apple ID.

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