DO Rueda White Wines Recognized for Exceptional Quality with Excellent 7.9 Score in Recent Nielsen Report

Rueda Designation of Origin Continues to Dominate Spanish White Wine Sector

According to a recent Nielsen report, Rueda Designation of Origin (DO) has been highlighted as the top choice among consumers for white wine quality in Spain, with a score of 7.9 out of 10 on a scale of excellence.

Exceptional Qualitative Results

Rueda DO has also secured the top spot in terms of awareness, with 84% of consumers naming it among the top quality white wine denominations in Spain, and a remarkable third place in the overall awareness ranking among all wine denominations, regardless of color.

DO Rueda President Responds to Outstanding Results

"A month ago we celebrated the excellent quantitative results of our DO, which maintains its first position as a Designation of Origin for quality white wine within the country, with 42.3 percent of the total market," said Carlos Yllera, president of CRDO Rueda. "And now we are toasting again because the consumer recognizes the excellent quality of our white wines and places us in first place in notoriety in this sector," he added.

DO Rueda: A Premium Brand in the Wine Sector

The outstanding results for the Rueda DO brand, in terms of overall awareness and perception of quality, place it within the "Premium Brands" of the wine sector, according to Nielsen’s report.

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