The National Department of Investigations (DNI) has opened an investigation of the causes that caused the output in a chain of several electricity plants, it was learned last night in official media.

A source revealed to Listín Diario that for the DNI “the exit, at the same time, of several generating plants of the interconnected electrical system is suspicious and that have caused blackouts in neighborhoods and towns of the country”.

“The DNI, as a national security body, tries to confirm whether it was technical reasons or other causes that will come to light in the ongoing investigation.”

The source added that the blackouts, whose real cause will be investigated, have generated restlessness and unease in the population.

Meanwhile, the synchronized power availability yesterday remained above 3,014 megawatts in the country, supply that covers consumption for the same amount, according to data from the Coordinating Body of the National Interconnected Electric System (OC-SENI).

However, there is also a power not served of 221 megs, despite the fact that there is 12 mg of hot reserve and 183 mg of cold reserve. This allows us to infer that there are breakdowns or preventive maintenance or that the EDES do not serve that generation.

The OC-SENI published a scheduled energy supply for the hours of the night of 2,778.10 megabytes, below the demand that some understand as a conservative figure, so today we will see how the day ended.

Andrés Astacio, Executive Vice President of the Electricity Distribution Companies and Secretary of the Unified Council of the Electricity Distribution Companies: Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este, SA Edenorte Dominicana, SA and Edesur Dominicana, SA, states that there is enough generation to cover a demand of 3,050 megabytes.

He explained that due to the rains the power not served will be lower, since the maintenance now closes at 6:00.

Regarding AES’s announcement that the scheduled 120 mg would not enter yesterday, the EDES spokesperson explained that this exit will be covered with the actions adopted last Thursday by the sector authorities.

On Thursday, the electricity sector authorities, headed by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, reported that 140 mg of private generators will enter and that, according to Astacio, is enough to cover about 3,150 megawatts.

AES pulls out 120mg
According to a statement, the generator AES Dominicana was removed from the system to carry out maintenance and corrective repairsprior coordination with the Coordinating Body of the Interconnected Electric System.

He reported that the scheduled maintenance of the 120-megawatt Dominican Power Partners (DPP) steam turbine is delayed, so its re-entry into the system will require approximately 48 additional hours.

The Mina VII, which was also scheduled for this Monday, due to additional adjustments and rectifications, have momentarily delayed their re-entry into the system.

The Mina V is also undergoing scheduled maintenance and its return is expected by the end of this week, he reported. AES Dominicana continues with its usual contribution to SENI.

“For this Monday the electricity demand in the Republic will be satisfied because we are working for that, also in the government of President Luis Abinader, what happened in past governments who planned blackouts to not supply electricity will not happen, ”explained Antonio Almonte.

The Minister of Energy reported that citizens will not have to pay for the hours without electricity that have passed, because the meters have not been sending the consumption and the distributor will not be able to charge them.



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