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DN, Monte Plata and the North in a close fight for dominance National Tournament

DN, Monte Plata and the North in a close fight for dominance National Tournament

The National District, Monte Plata and the Northern region are locked in a close fight for domination of the XXXlX National Youth Boxing Tournament 2023 that is held at the Dr. Fidel Mejía sports center, in Sabana Grande de Boya and is dedicated to the foundation The Good Samaritan.

The boxers from the capital have added five

Victories to lead the contest, while Monte Plata, the host province, and the North region march with four boxers already classified for the penultimate round.

The tournament is organized by the Monte Plata Boxing Association, chaired by Primitivo Casete and endorsed by the Dominican Amateur Boxing Federation (Fedoboxa), directed by Rubén García.

More than 80 fighters fight for supremacy in their respective categories, representing the National District, Santo Domingo Province, Monte Plata (host) and the North, East and South regions. The previous version was won by the southern fighters.

The organizing committee is chaired by the Vice Minister of Sports, engineer Franklin de la Mota, who thanked the support received for this event from the Ministry of Sports, the Provincial Civil Defense, Comedores Económicos, Candelaria savings and loan cooperative, Opal Jeans, Caremax, Airport Department, CAPSA, INAVI and ISM.

yesterday’s winners

Andrés Cuevas (46-48 kg, Julio Cesar Rodríguez (60 kg), Sebastian Ernesto Mencia (63 kg), Johan Javier Guzmán and Jael Nicolás Mola Jiménez (67 kg) scored victories for the National District (DN).

Cuevas disposed of Wendy Batista (North) who gave up in the first round; Rodríguez won by unanimous decision 5-0 over Alexis Isaac (Norte); Mencia disposed of Julio César Sánchez (PSD) by 3-2 decision; Javier Guzmán prevailed over Johan Maicol Sánchez (PSD) by decision 5-0, and Mola Jiménez defeated Yonatan Bone (Este) by 3-2.

Monte Plata to the charge

The fighters from the host province, Monte Plata, who have achieved victories are Alvin José Márquez (54 kg), Miguel Ángel Encarnacion (57 kg), Frankelis Meléndez (63.5 kg) and Ronal Miguel Mendoza (71 kg).

Márquez defeated Joenmy Calcaño (Sur) by 4-1 decision, Encarnacion disposed of Smit Gabriel Eusebio (Sur) by 4-1 decision, Meléndez crushed Matías Guillén Matos by RSC in the second round and Mendoza knocked out Frederick Juunior Montero (DN ) by RSC in the same first round.

The North

The delegation that redirects to the North region enrolled Ramón Melenciano (54 kg), Daniel Almonte (57 kg), Alexander Rodríguez (92 kg) and Ricardo Reynaldo Peña (80 kg) in the following program.

Melenciano defeated Yeury Ramírez (Este) by 3-2 decision, Almonte defeated Alberto Pinales (Este) by RSC in the first round, Rodríguez defeated Yefry Herrera (Este) by unanimous decision 5-0 and Peña knocked out Yhon Manuel Rubio Rosario (PSD) by RSC in the first round.


The South registered two fighters, Misael Ramón Santana (67 kg) and Luis Fernando Lebrón (46-48 kg).

Santana defeated Guillermo Linares (Norte) by RSC in the first round, while Lebrón prevailed over Weshley Fernando Pérez (M. Plata) by RSC in the second round.

The Eastern region has conquered a fight, with Leandro Gil (60 kg) who prevailed over Andry Pérez (M. Plata) by decision 5-0.

The 39th youth boxing tournament will conclude this Saturday night, Cadete explained.

The president of the Montepla Tela association was pleased by the overwhelming support received from the Monte Plata fans who continue to flock to each billboard.

He also expressed his joy at the support received from the Minister of Sports, especially Minister Francisco Camacho and Vice Minister Franklin de la Mota.


Alvin José Márquez, from Monte Plata, hits the face of Joenmy Camaño (Sur) in the 54 kg bout.

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