Djokovic just wanted to play tennis

The script of the sad experience he had to live Novak Djokovic in the last days it could have been written by himself Franz kafka, although it is possible that neither the eternal author of ‘The process’ I would have imagined such a tangled ball. Judge Anthony Kelly has finally decided release the tennis player. This closes a case that got dirty from the beginning, to the point that most opinion makers lost perspective of what was really in dispute to become entangled in parallel controversies.

Djokovic traveled to Melbourne with a medical exemption that authorized him to compete in the Australian Open. That is the starting point. And nobody can be so stupid to appear in a country like the oceanic country, so strict with its borders, without having a legally validated permit. If there was a previous bureaucratic mistake that enabled him to enter, and it is obvious that there was since the Federation of Australia and the Government of VitoriaThose responsible for that skid should be pointed out. And not to demonize an athlete, because Djokovic, no matter how millionaire, is an athlete who only wanted to compete in a tournament, who has been locked up for nine hours in a ward and then five days in an immigration center, for wanting to do their job with papers regulated by Australian entities.

The great underlying problem, which has confused everything, is that in this Kafkaesque process they have mixed other discussions and finally the feeling that it was judged has remained ‘vaccines yes or vaccines no’, or even that the never questioned Australian sovereignty, or that it was attacked the honor of the state of Serbia in the figure of his great idol. All seasoned by the crisp pearls of the usual ‘haters’ number one, whatever you do. The lawsuit has been poisoned in such a way that it ended up becoming something different from what it was … When Djokovic just wanted to play tennis.

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