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Djokovic does play by the rules

Novak Djokovic is to Australian Open which Rafael Nadal to Roland Garros Y Roger Federer to Wimbledon. Its historical dominator. That is why it is understood that the organization of the first Grand slam of the season has sought, together with the tennis player himself, the appropriate solutions so that his champion can play this delicate year in Melbourne. For that, and also because Djokovic is the world number one, the winner of 20 greats, one of the best athletes ever, an active legend … His participation, apart from other evaluations outside the sport, is good for the tournament and for tennis. The Serbian has not clarified if he is vaccinated against the coronavirus, but you can play thanks to a medical exemption, which is just as legal as the first. Craig Tiley, Open boss, made it clear in recent words prior to the confirmation of the news: “If Djokovic is going to come to play it is because he is vaccinated or because he has an exemption.” In your case it is because of the latter, so Novak has not broken the rules. To argue otherwise are tantrums.

Another different question is the social debate on whether the entire citizenry should be vaccinated. From that point of view, it must be accepted that Djokovic’s alleged refusal to do so may receive criticism. Although it is also surprising that the same freedom how much is waved to fill bars and clubs without masks, does not apply later to respect the right of a person to decide on something much more intimate. The reflection, in any case, goes beyond sports and belongs to other forums. In the exclusive case that affects the competition, Djokovic will be able to defend his crown without breaking any rules, because the authorities of Australia, one of the most stringent countries with sanitary measures and restrictions against the virus, have decided that Nole’s medical situation is consistent with their laws. So clear.

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