Divilo is born, the Fintech for SMEs and the self-employed that transforms the mobile phone into a dataphone

Divilo was born to transform financial services aimed at an important group within the Spanish productive sector, such as SMEs and the self-employed, announces its full implementation by publicizing its wide range of services and products.

The new 100% digital payment entity, regulated and supervised by the Bank of Spain offers a 360º solution in payments, collections and accounting tools for companies and freelancers with personalized customer service. Divilo has had all the innovation of VISA, by obtaining the broadest agreement that can be granted to a Fintech (Principal Member).

Becoming a Divilo client could not be easier: in just 10 minutes, any company and freelancer can become a client of the entity following a simple registration process.

Divilo and the unstoppable digitization

In the wake of the pandemic, the level of trust in digital payments has increased around the world and the projection is that this advance in financial services will not stop“, just as it says Juan Guruceta, Founder and CEO of Divilo.

This process that we are living, typical of the “technological revolution”, leads us to adopt alternative forms of payment and digital collection. As an example, Divilo was already the protagonist during the recent celebration of the catwalk Madrid Is Fashion, in the context of Madrid Fashion Week, where the entity was one of the official payment methods through which attendees were able to purchase items displayed on the gateway by means of payment with a QR code.

Innovative tools: the transformation of payment and collection management

In addition to allowing charging with QR and charging links (Paybylink), Divilo offers Diveep, the solution that allows charging with the mobile phone without any other additional device and for any amount. Just by downloading the application from Divilo. It is an innovative tool called to transform the management of payments and collections, allowing the issuance of receipt / invoice with delivery in real time to the client or the company’s marketing system.

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DiviStore: Another of the most innovative products is used for the direct purchase of products by scanning QRs (or Paybylink) codes, composition of the shopping cart to suit the end customer and classic eCommerce modality, with a virtual catalog of products with stock control.

Divilo’s complementary services

Beyond the most characteristic services and products (transfers, dataphones, etc.), the Divilo platform is an especially useful tool for SMEs and freelancers when managing their businesses, since it allows to use it as a repository of invoices, they can be calculated VAT settlements and withholdings (if applicable) as well as reconciling with the client’s systems.

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