diversity is in fashion

Free Form Style It arises as a response to a social demand. This brand champions diversity, inclusion… And adapts fashion to other bodies, those of people with disabilities, 15% of the world’s population. Cousins ​​Marina Vergés and Carolina Asensio are its founders and Jose, the latter’s brother, is the inspiration. “He had a stroke and was left in a wheelchair. For her birthday we looked for clothes for her because she used to wear a tracksuit. The fabrics and patterns did not suit him and were not fashion. What is on the market is aimed at older people, like something comfortable, but ugly. We bought him a pair of pants and we tuned it all up. When he looked so handsome we knew we had to do it for more people. This is how we started in March 2019, with two pants, four shirts and a sweatshirt ”, they explain. Now they have expanded their catalog with capes, overshirts…

Free Form Style is a pioneer firm in Spain and climbed the catwalk of the 080 Barcelona Fashion by the designer Manuel Bolaños and Gratacós fabrics. Paralympic swimmers Sarai Gascón and Chus Collado, who have been part of this great family from the beginning, paraded there. “They were the first to write to us when we launched a campaign to find models with disabilities. That is why we have named our garments after him. Sarai has a sweatshirt. they give us ideas”, points out Marina, who also thought about the athlete Desirée Vila to participate.

“I hope other brands adapt their collection to reach more people”


“I knew her from a championship in Hospitalet. She is witty and fun. It revolutionized our wardrobe. She told us that she wanted to do a handstand, ”the stylist laughs. Desi corroborates it: “In the end I didn’t do it because I was wearing a skirt and everything was going to be seen. I take advantage of each experience, I get out of my comfort zone and I have fun”. There were nerves, but “nothing comparable to a competition.” Good vibes reigned in hairdressing, makeup, rehearsals… “He feedback it was brutal! That a brand thinks about those special needs and that disability is represented in fashion is important”, claims Desi.

“Our users have written to us asking if we are going to sell the parade (laughs). At the moment they are prototypes. We really like the tailoring part, with jackets and coats open at the back for people in chairs”, says Marina. In Canada and London there are firms that parade at Fashion Week and there is a specific one for functional diversity in Australia. “It hadn’t happened here, that’s why there’s so much noise. We make clothes that do not discriminate. My daughters wear it too! These bodies must be dignified because they are beautiful and can be fashionable. We look for dignified and beautiful solutions”, the cousins ​​agree, who want others to follow in their footsteps. “It would be important for brands to have a small cornersuch as that of pregnant women. It is adapting a collection to reach more people”. With different bodies. real. beautiful. So that fashion, in addition to being diverse, is inclusive…

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