Distrito TV makes the jump to Latin America

The Spanish chain TV District has just presented in Madrid the commercial agreement it has signed with TV Libertad, a media whose signal reaches the entire American continent. In this way, Distrito TV consolidates its position in the extensive Latin American audiovisual network and becomes the exclusive ally of TV Libertad in Spain.

Initially, Distrito’s TV programming will be available to all Hispanic audiences through TV Libertad through operators Movistar and Claro in Latin America, and through the giant Dish Network in the United States. In addition, both programs can be enjoyed online worldwide through their applications and soon on the Pluto TV platform, in addition to a “quick channel” for the entire United States.

From Madrid DTT

Distrito TV started its journey with a frequency on Madrid’s DTT And with this alliance just signed, it will be possible to reach a potential audience of 600 million Spanish speakers. Viewers can enjoy the usual programming of the network, which specializes in political, economic, children’s, cultural and social information, with self-produced programs such as “El Mundo al Rojo”, “Con España a Cuesta” and “España de Leyenda”. , “La Huella del Crimen”, “Ari Global” or “América Directo” and will broadcast the new TV Libertad program.

In addition, the chain, in its desire to continue improving, has just increased its shareholders Félix Revuelta, owner of Naturhouse. “With this agreement, the chain takes a big step by landing in America and fulfilling its objectives of being a reference medium not only in Spain and bringing the voice of freedom to millions of Spanish speakers,” said Jesús Ángel Rojo, President of Distrito TV.

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Werner Schuler, General Director of TV Libertad, also emphasized when presenting the agreement that “through this agreement the Spanish-speaking public can receive truthful and independent information on both sides of the Atlantic, where the defense of life and freedom is at the heart of it.” The rule of law and private property will be the basis of the editorial line that unites both channels.”

Likewise, TV Libertad’s programming will arrive in Spain through Distrito TV, refreshing the national network with a new proposal for audiovisual communication, which already has first-class programs and promotes “the values ​​of a free, fair and democratic society”. . The program includes “Informe Diario”, “Informe Semanal”, “Informe Extra” and “Informe Especial” as well as other programs of various types such as “En Contexto”, “DeporTV”, “Geo Política” and “Live”. Better”, “Espacio C”, “Enterarse”, “El Editorial” and “The World in 15 Minutes”.

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