District Mayor’s Office presents a project to rescue the Normal

The City Council of the National District continued to take upward steps in search of definitively rescuing the La Normal Baseball Stadium, a scenario that they plan to turn into the great La Normal Sports and Cultural Complex.

The mayor of the District, Carolina Mejía led this Monday a graphic and written presentation of everything that has been done since September 2020, a meeting in which several personalities linked to baseball participated, as well as some interested public servants with great interest for that rescue to take place.

At the end of the presentation of the project and providing explanations of what this structure could become in a couple of years, Mejía expressed that they will seek a definitive solution so that this place is finally what it is called to be, the great lung and escape of healthy recreation. of children and adolescents in district 3.

“That’s what we’re up to and we won’t rest in turning the Normal into that Great Sports and Cultural Complex as that structure deserves to be,” said the mayor after concluding the presentation of the broad project that they seek to materialize.

He then expressed, “what we want and yearn for is to build that solution and I believe that with God through it we will achieve it,” said Mejía, at the end of the meeting of just over an hour.

He stressed that the presentation of the project represents the first major formal meeting with the aim of providing definitive solutions, from which they plan to come out with flying colors.

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It even included members of the Dominican government such as Neney Cabrera, Minister in Charge of the General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency; Angel De la Cruz, President of the Presidential Commission to Support Provincial Development; Pablo Ulloa, Ombudsman.

Also Vitelio Mejía, president of the Dominican Baseball League, Junior Noboa, National Baseball Commissioner, Quilvio Veras, Little League Commissioner, as well as former pitcher Miguel Batista.

The meeting was coordinated by Noboa, National Baseball Commissioner and it was held in the auditorium of the so-called Seventh Heaven

Noboa highlights meeting.

Likewise, the Baseball Commissioner, Junior Noboa, greatly valued the fact that the Mayor’s Office of the National District continues to work aggressively in search of rescuing the historic La Normal stadium once and for all.

Noboa, who has been one of those who has led the initiatives so that the Normal Park recovers the splendor it had in its best period, was almost sure that the rescue will take place.

And the presentation and explanation made this Monday is the best thermometer that this will be the case, since it is the first meeting that is carried out with this formality.

He also highlighted the interest that the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, has shown from the outset, who together with Mayor Mejía has been working jointly in all areas.

The meeting was attended by staff from the first lady’s office, as well as from the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONANI).


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