District basketball will wear its best gala

The Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto will be the scene of the superior basketball tournament of the National District, which will open its 43rd edition with 2 games. Bameso against Los Prados and Mauricio Báez against Huellas del Siglo.

The first match will be at 6:15 in the afternoon, between Bamesians and Pradenses. Later, the inaugural ceremony will be held, which will be headed by the president of the Organizing Committee Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, general director of Customs, Diego Pesqueira, president of the Basketball Association of the National District (Abadina) and César Cedeño, consul general in Puerto Rico. to whom the tournament is dedicated.

Mauricio seeks to repeat

Julio Cesar Javier Ayata, champion with the club in 2018, returns with Mauricio and affirms that they have all the material to repeat the championship.

The Suero brothers, both with the lineage of Most Valuable Player in the LNB lead the squad, which also includes Rayner and Diego Moquete, Miguel Evangelista, Brayan Martínez, Shamill Pulino and the young Luis Feliz (La Mueka) 6th man of the LNB in his first year in the league. His reinforcements are the well-known tall men Weverley Austin and Will Daniels.

Saint Lazarus goes for everything

The San Lázaro club has a luxury squad for the tournament. Its leader Freddy Sánchez maintains that the three-point line will be his letter of introduction in the event. The star Puerto Rican point guard Alex Abreu will be their reinforcement and the one in charge of controlling the rhythm of the team’s game and they will also have the services of LaMarshall Corbett, as their other reinforcement.

The roster includes the national team Adonys Henríquez, the brothers Jerome and Alanzo Frink, Orlando Sánchez, Raúl Frías, Edgar Tejeda, Erick Merán, Ezequiel Pérez (regional reinforcement) and Yoensi Rivera.

The captain with Bameso

The captain of the national basketball team, Víctor Liz, will head the Bameso team at TBS Distrito as reinforcement. He seeks to repeat the 2012 title. According to Yoel Feliz, a debutant manager with the club, Liz has given 100% in practice, putting order, as if it were the Dominican team. Trahson Burrell will be the other import of the club, a proven player in the LNB, with the Marineros de Puerto Plata.

For “The Pipe”", will be his first experience in district basketball outside of his San Carlos club and stated that it will be a double challenge to take this team to the semifinals, because it has been a long time since they qualified for this instance. The Bameso squad also includes Miguel Dicent, Michael Mendoza, Fausto Pichardo, Henry Ortiz, Kelvin Núñez, Luixander Blanco and Joan Duran.

Millionaires have grown

Abraham Disla, a native of San Cristobal returns to the Millón Yireh club and believes that they will cause a surprise because the group has grown in its level of play and in maturity as a team.

The young Bryan Polanco, Emmanuel Martínez, Yohán de los Ángeles, Samuel Lara, Eduardo Pereyra, Leandro Cabrera, Luis del Orbe repeat with the team. Like Luis Martínez who will be as a provincial reinforcement. Alex Campbell combo guard, and Emanual Shepherd, small forward, both Canadians will be the reinforcements of the Million.

New face of San Carlos

David Díaz returns for his third opportunity with San Carlos. The outstanding leader belonging to the coaching staff of the National Basketball Team will have a renewed squad with a lot of youth that will have great responsibilities to guide the most winning team in the history of the tournament to another championship.

Josué Salazar and Michael Almánzar could be used at point guard. Youngsters Jeffrey Payano, Willy Arias and Esteban Puello are other players to watch out for. Veterans Smailin Encarnacion, Manuel Guzman and Kevin Pérez will add experience to the team. Their reinforcements will be Puerto Rican Benito Santiago, champion with Bayamón in Puerto Rico’s BSN, and North American center Quinterian McConico.

The Minors of Villa Com

The veteran Radhamés Memi Paulino will be responsible for directing the destinies of the Villa Com team, which will experience a period of renewal. Confidence is placed in the figures of the young Brayan Ramírez and Yeikson Rivera for this process.

Also on the squad is Ángel Alfonseca, a small striker who does everything on the court, “with material to be considered for the Rookie of the Year award,” according to Amaury Durán, the club’s historical coach. Omer Suero “La Garza”, is another young striker with material to establish himself in his first year, and shooters Juan Carlos Pérez and Luis Manuel López, both intense on offense.

Barias once again returns with the Fortuna duo (Pancho and Mañen), along with veterans Juan Bautista Araujo and Daniel Cruz. His reinforcements will be Craig Victor III and Quintin Alexander.

Huellas seeks to consolidate

The Cristo Rey club will be led by Carlos Medina who relies on the team’s material with a mixture of youth and experience, ready to consolidate in the tournament. Richard Bautista, one of the most popular players today who recently debuted with the national team is its main player.

The veteran of a thousand battles, Henry Váldez, returns with the team and in the starting lineup. Medina said that he will implement a defensive game rhythm for 40 minutes, taking advantage of youth. Darwin Cabrera, Ángel Puello, Randy Bautista, Miguel Brito, Anpherne Acevedo, Robert Molina and Oliver Bautista are the minors of the group that will help in the goal of repeating the feat of 2010. The reinforcements of Huellas will be Darryl Palmer and the locally known Anthony Johnson .

The meadows to fight

The foreman of the pool club, Julio Duquela, LNB champion with the Leones de Santo Domingo, stated that Los Prados have players to compete in the upcoming tournament. Anyeuri Castillo, who had his coffee with the national team, will lead the club’s squad, which also has York-Dominican Hasahn French and Adonys De La Rosa in the paint. They also have the young Luis Martínez and the explosive Jayson Váldez.

The North Americans Terry Thomas and Brandon Peterson will be their reinforcements, players from position 3 and 4 respectively.

The groups

Group A: Bameso, Los Prados, San Carlos and Mauricio Báez.

Group B: San Lázaro, Rafael Barias, Millón Yireh and Footprints of the Century.

The games

There will be 40 games during the regular series, 12 in the semifinal and 7 in the final, all at the Palacio de los Deportes, starting on September 14.

The tournament will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in double shifts at 7:00 and 8:30 at night.

On Sunday days, you can enjoy the 8 clubs. Starting with the first shock at 11:00 in the morning. The remaining three games will be played starting at 2:00 in the afternoon. The third at 4:00 in the afternoon and the last meeting at 6:00 at night.

The matches will be broadcast on the radio by the Super 7 station, 107.7 FM. On television on Digital 15 and on the YouTube platform, Abadina Oficial.

Will compete with Lidom

This year TBS Distrito will collide with the number one pastime of Dominicans, the fall winter baseball tournament, whose teams from the capital, Escondido and Licey, attract the presence of many fans, especially on weekends. Despite the fact that the district basketball public follows their clubs a lot at any time of the year, it will be interesting to see this scenario with the Lidom tournament, which will celebrate its draft precisely this Wednesday and will start on October 15.

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