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District 10: According to Neill Blomkamp, ​​there is no sequel for the time being

Science Fiction Artist Neill Blomkamp is probably one of the most talented of his generation. After you give us the keyword district 9small revolution of SF In 2009, the filmmaker tried his hand at the big Hollywood machine with the interesting but maligned film Elysium (2013) before you offer us Chappie (2015). Several genre films with strong concepts that managed to unite a large following from the universe of Blomkamp. The latter then withdrew with his production box West Studiosto finance some short films. Because the South African filmmaker experienced many disappointments Hollywood. Attached to some big productions like a remake of Robocop or the live-action adaptation of the video game franchise gloriolenone of this could be made official.

What should I say next? from Aliena franchise that could have fitted perfectly with the making of Blomkamp which was also not possible because of the omnipresence of Ridley Scott who want to keep their Xenomorphs.

Result: It took eight years and Gran Turismo see a film again in the cinema Blomkamp. A feature film with a small reputation success, which proves that the director has a talent that can no longer be proven. To draw attention back to him, the studios could take responsibility to give him a chance district 10in the pipeline since 2021. With the HollywoodReporterhe admitted that Sony always being an integral part of the project while admitting that the success of Gran Turismo could unlock the situation:

“Yes, they are still bound by it. I don’t know if it will happen or not. I don’t even know if I want to direct it anymore, but at some point the film should probably be made. »

The filmmaker is therefore keeping his baby-to-be cold, but there’s no doubt that it’ll make a big entrance as time goes on Gran Turismothat might be enough to unlock it all.

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