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One of Tollywood’s most popular actresses, Srilekha Mitra has signed her name in a Hindi series. Although he worked with Bollywood’s Aamir Khan three decades ago, Sreelekhar never made it to Bollywood. Finally, the actress will start a new chapter by starring in a Hindi series. The series is called “Kaala”.

Srilekha Mitra fell ‘nationally in love’ with Aamir Khan in the 1990s over a drinks commercial. Wearing a red and white saree with broken burlap and a cheeky cute bangle! Many people fell in love with Srilekha’s cute looks. But even though Sreelekhar worked with Mr Perfectionist three decades ago, he hasn’t moved to Bollywood. But this time, the actress surprised by giving the public a glimpse of the Hindi series.

Srilekha said: “I got married a month after I started working with Aamir Khan. I got a lot of offers from Bollywood back then. But I loved the work. So, apart from taking care of the family, I’ve been doing the things I enjoyed.

I don’t regret that. “Shaitaan” by Vijay Nambiar impressed me. Content that was ahead of its time fascinated me. For me it is one of the cult films of Bollywood. I gave the green signal for the “Kaala” series for Nambiar.
Not a very big role, but one of the most important characters in the series. I only got this role through an audition.

It is known that Srilekha will play the role of the mother of Avinash Tiwari who is starring in the upcoming series. The actress will star in a romance with Ajinka Deva. Srilekha jokingly replied, “I’m old enough to be his girlfriend. Also the experience of working in Bollywood for the first time is great. I have a whole group there.”

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Srilekha plans to work in Mumbai in the future. Because her daughter will drop out of her studies in Calcutta after the twelfth grade. That’s why the actress wants to start a new innings in Bollywood. However, the actress is reluctant to stay in Mumbai. Because he has many pets at home. However, Srilekha would like to work in Bollywood again after a good script and decent compensation.

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