Disney + will also follow in the footsteps of Netflix

Netflix’s latest report and accounts resulted in a loss of 200,000 subscribers to the streaming service in just 3 months. The streaming giant quickly announced that it would stop sharing accounts by the end of 2022. Additionally, it plans to launch an ad-supported subscription plan.

It would be expected that its competitors would start moving in the same direction, following in the footsteps of Netflix. And Disney+, Netflix’s main rival, is already planning to launch an advertising plan on the market.

Disney + will launch advertising plan at the end of 2022

This news was released during the most recent shareholders’ meeting on the second quarter of the fiscal year that ended on April 2. In this CEO Bob Chapek confirmed the addition of a new plan with announcements.

“We will introduce a subscription plan with ads in the United States by the end of 2022,” it said. But Portugal must not escape this plan, since its international expansion is scheduled for 2023.


“Expanding access to Disney+ thanks to multiple pricing is a win-win for consumers and advertisers,” said the CEO of Disney+ during the accounts video conference with investors.

As expected, at this point in the Disney + championship, it has not yet advanced any price for the new plan. But it will necessarily have to be cheaper than the current ones to compensate consumers.

According to the most recent figures, Disney already has 205 million paying subscribers. It remains to be seen how the whole issue of ads on the platform will be tackled, and whether Disney+ is also thinking of “attacking” account sharers.

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