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Disney +: The documentary series “The Beatles: Get Back” upsets everything we thought we knew about the separation of the group

Disney +: The documentary series "The Beatles: Get Back" upsets everything we thought we knew about the separation of the group

An early fan of the legendary group The Beatles, director Peter Jackson had the privilege of ordering more than 57 hours of never-before-seen footage captured during the making of the Fab Four’s last album, Let It Be, in 1970. And his three-part documentary series takes a fresh look at their ultimate collaboration.

Entitled “The Beatles: Get Back”, it plunges viewers into a race against time as the band has less than three weeks to release an album with new songs and ensure a live performance, despite the fact that ‘they haven’t played in front of an audience for three years. Rehearsals, compositions, disagreements, head-taking, creative emulation, etc… the images offer an exceptional glimpse of the work done during these three weeks by these four musicians who formed, then, the greatest pop group of all time.

For Peter Jackson, the discovery of these images was a revelation. He, like many Beatles fans, has long believed that the band’s final hours were mostly painful. The records he worked on prove the exact opposite.

“In fact, I don’t think there has been a more prolific three-week period in Beatles history than this. So rather than seeing it as a miserable time leading up to the band breaking up with mediocre recordings, they’re going to write and record the majority of the Let It Be album, ”enthuses Peter Jackson.

“It was a great time. We were obviously a great group, and the way it was documented is very intimate, and that’s what is great. You have the music, the performance, the conversations, but above all you have the personal exchanges between all the guys, ”said Paul McCartney in a press release.

In addition to the exceptional restoration work carried out by Peter Jackson’s teams, “The Beatles: Get Back” succeeded in forcing Disney to keep the colloquial language – and any swear words – used by band members during rehearsals. . A small revolution for Mickey’s streaming platform.

The documentary series will also have a never-before-seen airing on Disney +, as all three episodes will be revealed over a period of three consecutive days starting November 25. A date that corresponds in particular to the first day of Thanksgiving in the United States.

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